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Safe E Juice Storage and Use

Unfortunately, e juice can be a fatal substance. A recent incident involving a kid and e cig juice in its liquid form broke many people’s hearts around the world; yes, he died after consuming the substance. Given how massive an impact this had, shaking the entire vaping industry, it should already be known to you that this substance is not something your children should toy with. As such, you should at least be mindful of how you should keep your bottles of juices safe and out of your kids’ reach. This also goes for your pets.

One of the keys to storing your e juice bottles safely is leaving them in a dark Healthand cool place at room temperature. You should make sure that sources of flame or heat aren’t nearby. Otherwise, not only would your juice taste bad and basically become unusable, it could also cause an undesirable effect. Nicotine oxidizes when air is present. You should see your liquid turning darker if this happens.

One good thing about most companies manufacturing these e liquids is that they now ship their products with caps that are child-proof. This kind of protection, however, may not be enough to guard your child from certain accidents. So, it might be best that you still keep your bottles in high places that kids won’t easily reach.

If, however, you’ve obtained your e liquid from a manufacturer who doesn’t provide child-proof caps, you might as well use old bottles that have this kind of feature. Just make sure they’re clean inside and out to avoid any contamination. Then again, they’re not entirely impossible to open for the more-creative toddler, which should be reason enough for you to not leave your bottles having only this as protection.

If your liquids contain a certain amount of nicotine, you should keep in mind the substance’s toxicity level. Inhaling it in vapor form doesn’t necessarily cause harmful effects to the body. However, when it is ingested or even comes in contact with your skin, chances are you may need to be sent to the emergency room immediately.

This is why you would want to at least wear gloves whenever you’re filling your cartomizer with your e juice. But if you have nerves of steel, gloves might not even be necessary. Bottles of e cig juices have dripper tips anyway, so pouring the liquid should be a simple task.

Once you’re done unscrewing your tank’s top part, there’s a hole you can easily find in the center. You don’t put your juice there, though. What you should do is use your dripper so you can direct the liquid safely into your cartomizer by just pouring around its outer part. Make sure you wash the surfaces on which you might’ve spilt your e liquid.

If you’ve accidently spilt the liquid onto your skin, ensure that you wash the affected part thoroughly. Immediately take your clothing off should the e juice spill onto it.

Additionally, you may want to wait for your cartomizer’s wicking material to absorb your e cig liquid. Otherwise, your cartomizer could eventually be dead, for good. This might also be applicable to other parts of your vaping gear. Once you’ve filled your cartomizer with the right amount of liquid, you should at least wait for around 10 minutes before using your device.

The main ingredient that makes e cig juices hazardous even for adults is nicotine. If your liquids are nicotine-free, then these are not something you should be worried about. However, should your e juices contain this component, make sure you’re keeping it properly and away from your kids and even your pets.