Unfortunately the hurricane took out the arch! Poor Cabo–the 2015 hurricane made their postcard perfect arch fall down! Yes, it’s by a little beach, and yes, you can get a boat to ferry you over there, but for what?
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Did the Los Cabos arch collapse?

In 2014, the emblematic Cabo San Lucas Arch was the first land impact site of hurricane ‘Odile’, rough waters and winds that exceeded 140 kilometers per hour caused a drastic change in the local ecosystem with the removal of tons of sand that ended with collapses in the structure and the eradication of flora and fauna.

What happened to the arch at Cabo San Lucas?

“We already knew it was cracking. That’s due to weather conditions, humidity, the sun, the wind … which creates erosion of the stones. There are cracks inside the structure of the Arch,” biologist and diver Benigno Guerrero told EFE. He added that this could – over time – cause the Arch to collapse.

Is the Cabo arch still standing?

50 thousand years ago the sea level was 200 meters lower than the current height. According to Paulino Rojo García, a researcher at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS), this rock formation of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas will cease to exist in about 2,000 or 3,000 years, giving way to new columns.

Can you walk under the Arch in Cabo?

Walk through the Arch – a once in 4 years occurance. Normally the water level is high enough that there is only water under the arch. For 1 month every 4 years there is an occurance where the levels are low and you can actually walk through the arch. You do have to be careful and watch for larger waves.

Why is Cabo called Lands End?

Locals claim that the first sailors to visit this area during the Age of Discovery and the Golden Age of Pirates called this place Land’s End because they believed it to be the last point of land before hitting Antarctica!

Why is the arch in Cabo famous?

The arch is locally known as “El Arco,” which means “the arch” in Spanish, or “Land’s End.” It is here that the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. This area is widely used in hotel advertising in the Los Cabos Corridor. This spot is a popular gathering area for sea lions and is frequented by tourists.

Why is it called Divorce Beach?

Framed by a golden arch, the tumultuous water and pointed rocks of this sandy bay provide a turbulent alternative to neighboring Lover’s Beach. Evoking imagery of a lovers’ quarrel with its name, Divorce Beach is so-called for its jagged rocks and the formidable waves of the Pacific Ocean.

What is the arch called in Cabo?

The distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas is the rugged taffy-colored El Arco (The Arch) rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

Can you see the Cabo Arch from land?

Because the Los Cabos arch is the most iconic spot on the coast, it’s no surprise that there’s a variety of ways to see it. While you can’t spot it from land, you can discover the perfect tour for your vacation. Opt for a day of fun at sea, or kick back on a relaxing sunset cruise.

Can you swim at the Arch in Cabo?

Absolutely no swimming is allowed because the strong currents and powerful shore break is very dangerous. Lover’s Beach (Playa de Amor) is located on the Sea of Cortez side near the famous stone arch (El Arco). The only access to this beach is by water taxi from the marina or Medano Beach.

What two oceans meet in Cabo?

Cabo San Lucas is a city located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula which has not only beautiful desert landscapes & beaches, it is also known worldwide for being one of the most popular vacation destinations, the Marlin Capital and home of The Arch, also called “Land’s End”, where the Sea of Cortez &

What time of year is best to visit Cabo San Lucas?

The best time to visit Cabo is from May to June, when the wintertime crowds have gone home and the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November are also nice months for a vacation, but you’ll need to begin your hotel search early if you want to save money.

Can you walk to Lovers Beach Cabo?

No you can not. You must travel there by boat. There is no other way to reach it. It is actually located close to the Arch, not at the arch, but near it.

How do I get to the arch in Cabo?

To get to the arch, book a water taxi from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. If you feel fit, rent a kayak from Cabo and paddle to Land’s End instead. Facilities at El Arco are limited, which adds to the quiet, natural feel of the place.

When can you walk under El Arco?

It is true that sometimes the tides are low enough that you can actually walk under El Arco, however that only happens every five to seven years. Last time was about three years ago. A trip to El Arco and La Playa del Amor is definitely worth it.

Where is the corridor in Cabo?

The Los Cabos Corridor (Corredor Turistico) is a touristic area located at the Los Cabos Municipality, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It sits on the southern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, facing the Gulf of California on the Transpeninsular Highway between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

What is the arch of Cabo San Lucas made of?

Known as “El Arco” or The Arch, this 200-foot granite rock formation sticking up out of the water at Land’s End is the distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas. The spectacular natural shape was carved by the strong ocean currents.

What kind of rock is at Cabo San Lucas?

The granite rock formations that extend to Land End in Cabo San Lucas have, over time, become much more than mere boundary markers or evocatively shaped oddities.

Why is Cabo San Lucas so popular?

Rated as one of Mexico’s top 5 tourist destinations, Cabo is known for its beaches, scuba diving locations, Balnearios, the sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, and marine life. … The waters around Cabo are home to marine wildlife including rays, sharks, mahi-mahi (dorado) and striped marlin.

How do I get to the arches in Cabo?

The best way to see the Arch of Cabo San Lucas is by booking a tour with Cabo Adventures. Our expert guides will show you the best views, teach you about the history, and make sure you don’t miss a thing. Check out some of the tours available below!

Are there sharks in Cabo?

Sharks and rays can be seen almost everywhere in the Cabo San Lucas marine park and corridor. But if you want to see specific species, you need to know where and when to go. Bigger sharks usually frequent the open ocean.

Can you walk from Lovers Beach to Divorce Beach?

over a year ago. Yes to Divorce Beach (it’s to the left and you can see the arch from the beach in front of the resort). Most take a water taxi (about $2) to Lover’s Beach. … It is about a 20 minute walk to Medano Beach from Playa Grande.

When should you not go to Cabo San Lucas?

Los Cabos has great weather and family-friendly activities going on almost all year long, but there are two times of the year families might want to avoid, the first being the rainy, hot season in August and September.

Does the Sea of Cortez have sharks?

The Sea of Cortez is home for part of the year to one of the world’s most gentle ocean creatures: the whale shark. Don’t let the name scare you—these beautiful Sea of Cortez sharks are nothing like the man-eating sharks in Jaws. In fact, their nickname is Gentle Giants. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean.

What should you not do in Cabo San Lucas?

  • Don’t Swim on the Pacific Side of Cabo San Lucas. …
  • Don’t Purchase Pharmaceuticals Without a Prescription. …
  • Just Say No to Party Favors. …
  • Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks While in Cabo San Lucas. …
  • Don’t Fall for What Seems Like the Deal of a Lifetime!
Are there crocodiles in Cabo San Lucas?

Wild crocodiles are not found on the Baja California peninsula, where the desert climate is not suitable.

Is Costa Azul beach swimmable?

Whether or not you can swim at Costa Azul is debatable, and only strong swimmers should attempt the waters here. During our 2015 visit to the region, we were able to swim, but conditions are highly variable.

How deep is the water off Cabo San Lucas?

It is situated at the southern most tip of the 800-mile long peninsula of Baja California and boasts the famous “Arch”, a rock formation known as Land’s End. Just off the arch, the ocean bottom drops off to depths of about 1,200 feet or 400 meters.

Can you drink the water in Cabo Mexico?

The short answer is, not exactly. While the water in Los Cabos is very pure, you still need to be careful. The water distribution pipes and other factors can become contaminated. Drinking water directly from the pipe is therefore not encouraged.

Is Cabo San Lucas a desert?

Cabo is one of the only resort locations in Mexico that lines along the Pacific coast. But what makes this destination particularly different is the Sea of Cortez, also called the Gulf of California. … Cabo is a desert. It’s arid, windy, and dry.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe 2021?

It’s one of the most tourist-rich regions in Mexico. But 2021 has been a bit different. The good news is, Cabo San Lucas is proudly declared the safest destination by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and is already open for international tourism.

Is Cancun or Los Cabos better?

Los Cabos is cooler and drier, similar to the beautiful weather in Southern California. Cancun is humid and in the Gulf of Mexico, which creates a greater chance of hurricanes and heavy storms. Cabo only has on average 10 rain days per year. For those looking to travel on a budget, Cancun is the way to go.

Is Cabo safe right now?

Crime is still a concern in Cabo and elsewhere in Mexico, though people in the Mexican tourism industry are confident that the country is safe for vacationers and travelers. They stress that regardless of what you may have read in the headlines, incidents in Mexico involving tourists are extremely few and far-between.

Where is divorce beach in Mexico?

Divorce Beach or Playa Divorcio situated on the Pacific at Cabo San Lucas. This stretch of clean white sand is located on the Pacific coast a short walk from Lover’s Beach. Divorce Beach is shown in the foreground of these pictures with Lover’s Beach facing the harbor.

Can you use American money in Cabo?

U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in Cabo, but expect bad exchange rates if you choose to use dollars. The peso is normally closer to 11 pesos to a dollar, but local merchants are likely to charge you 10 pesos to a dollar for purchasing their goods.

Why is it called Lovers Beach Cabo?

It is said that the name is due to the fact that two seas are united: the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. … Sheltered by a gigantic stone known as “The Arch”, an emblematic symbol of “finisterrae” or the Californian “Land’s End” and by other rock formations, Lover’s Beach can only be accessed by sea.