GENERAL INFORMATION. BART Police Department Information: 877.679. 7000 To call any of the persons or sections below, call this toll-free number and follow the prompts or dial the last four digits of any number listed.
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How do I report a BART incident?

For crimes in progress or emergencies, call 911, or 510-464-7000. For non-emergency needs you can text BART PD at 510-200-0992.

How does BART police check parking?

The BART Police Department is responsible for enforcing all parking rules and regulations set forth by the State of California and the BART District. The BART Police Department processes parking citations through a contactor, DATA TICKET INC.

How do you text Bart?

The number for Text BART Police is 510-200-0992. Text BART Police is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can also be used to send pictures to BPD. Much like the BART Watch app, the number should be primarily used for non-emergency reports.

Is BART safe?

To reassure everyone that service is as safe as possible, BART has implemented a rigorous safety plan. Here is what you can expect when you use BART to travel across San Francisco and the region.

Can you pay for BART parking with Clipper card?

To pay for Daily Fee parking, register a Clipper card number on your profile and enter a stall number to pay. You may pay for parking either ten minutes before or after entering the faregates. Use the Clipper card registered in your parking account to enter the fare gates to show you are a BART rider.

What happens if you hop BART?

BART fare evaders are hopping, jumping and skipping away from paying their fines — more than nine out of 10 of the 6,799 violators ticketed by BART last year have yet to pay up. … For the most part, the tickets are considered civil offenses, meaning there is no criminal penalty for not paying.

Is BART free on Spare the Air Day?

On the first five non-holiday weekdays declared a “Spare the Air” day by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, anyone entering a BART station between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. can ride BART for FREE!

Is BART parking Safe?

Vehicles parked in a BART lot have less than a 1 percent chance of being burglarized or stolen, but that’s little solace for the hundreds of riders whose autos are ripped off every year.

What does BART stand for?

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is a heavy-rail public transit system that connects the San Francisco Peninsula with communities in the East Bay and South Bay.

How many officers does Bart have?

Bay Area Rapid Transit District Police Department
Officers 206
Unsworn members 90
Agency executive Ed Alvarez, Chief of Police
Divisions 5
Is there a BART app?

BART Watch is a free mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and discreetly report criminal or suspicious activity directly to BART Police. … The app is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Is BART sketchy?

NBC Bay Area reveals that BART is “one of the most dangerous transportation systems in the country,” and details how rampant various crimes have become, and which stations are the worst for violent crime.

Is it safe to sleep on BART?

Be aware of surroundings and avoid looking distracted, especially while standing near stairs, escalators, and train doors and anywhere suspects can make a quick exit. Don’t sleep on board train cars.

Is it safe to use BART at night?

BART itself is safer than most local bus systems, and the portion of BART between the airport and San Francisco is especially safe. At the weeknight hours you’ll be riding, most folks will be airport passengers or workers.

Can you ride BART without a Clipper card?

Paying Your Fare. Children 4 and under ride free but everyone else must have a Clipper card or BART paper ticket (no longer sold at stations) with funds loaded. Proof of payment is required. To find the cost of a particular BART trip, use the BART Fare Calculator.

How much does a Clipper card cost?

How much does a Clipper card cost? There is a one-time $3.00 acquisition fee for a Clipper card. Clipper will waive this fee if the buyer signs up for Autoload at the time of purchase online at Youth and senior cards are free.

How do I check my Clipper card balance?

If you need to check your balance or card usage history: Log into your My Clipper account and click on “Check card value” or “Check card activity” Contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878. 8883, TDD/TTY 711 or 800.735.

Do BART trains have bathrooms?

Restrooms. Some BART stations do provide public restrooms.

Does BART go under water?

BART goes into an underwater tube that runs from SF to Oakland. There are two tubes-one for coming to the East Bay and one for coming to San Francisco FROM the East Bay. It is not a glass tube; it is like traveling in a tunnel.

Is BART expensive?

BART is expensive, I suspect, for a few reasons: Their pricing takes into account the alternatives as opposed to true cost of operation. For example, to go from Berkeley to downtown San Francisco is $8.00 but to drive your car and cross the Bay Bridge is $5.00 + parking + gas/maintenance.

Can you burn charcoal on a Spare the Air Day?

Exceptions are allowed if a household has a power outage. Barbecues are permitted on a Spare the Air Day, but are discouraged and the use of lower-pollution gas fuels rather than wood or charcoal is recommended.

What is banned on Spare the Air days?

In 2008, the Air District passed a rule that makes it illegal to burn wood on days when a Spare the Air Alert is in effect for particulate pollution. This regulation was adopted to protect public health, and originally only applied to the winter months between November and February.

How do I report Spare the Air violators?

You can always call in a complaint at 1-877-4NO-BURN (466-2876) or fill out the online wood smoke complaint form.

How late does BART run from Oakland Airport?

SERVICE HOURSWeekdays5 am – MidnightSaturdays6 am – MidnightSundays8 am – 9 pm

Does BART have monthly pass?

9. Q: Does BART have/why doesn’t BART have a monthly pass? A: BART fares are calculated on the distance traveled, and there are no “time-based” passes for BART. Shorter-distance riders would unfairly bear the burden of the trips taken by daily, long-distance riders using a monthly pass.

Is parking free at Fremont BART?

Parking at Fremont Station includes: Daily fee ($3 per day)

Who owns BART transit?

With an average of 411,000 weekday passengers and 118 million annual passengers in fiscal year 2019, BART is the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States and is operated by the Bay Area Rapid Transit District which formed in 1957.

How fast does the BART go under the bay?

OverviewOperating speed80 mph (130 km/h)Highest elevationSea levelLowest elevation135 ft (41 m) below sea level

Is it Bart or the BART?

Just BART. ‘ BART corrects Uber CEO, others: ‘It’s just BART. Not the BART.

How much do BART train operators make?

How much does a Train Operator at Bart make? The typical Bart Train Operator salary is $38 per hour. Train Operator salaries at Bart can range from $36 – $45 per hour.

How long is BART police academy?

Entry level police officers must attend a POST academy for six-months, have up to 22 weeks of field training, and then serve a one-year probationary period. Lateral police officers require 12-16 weeks of field training and a one-year probationary period.

How do I become a BART train operator?

Originally Answered: How do I become a BART Train Operator? Go to BART website, and tap on the employment opportunities, fill it up and wait to be called. It will take 3 months or so before you will hear from them. There is an aptitude or mechanical test, I think, that you will have to take.

Can you pay for BART on phone?

The regional transit fare card is now supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch and Android devices which support Google Pay. BART fare gates support mobile Clipper payment. Riders can tap their smartphone or smartwatch on the Clipper reader as they enter and exit the BART system.

How do you use Clipper card on iPhone?

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and press the plus “+” icon.
  2. Select Transit Card.
  3. Select “Clipper card” from the list and tap Continue.
  4. Select the value amount to add and follow prompts to complete purchase (Note: This is the only way you will be able to add cash value to your phone in Apple Wallet)
Can you use Google pay on BART?

As one of the 24 Bay Area transit agencies who support Clipper, BART fare gate readers now support Clipper payment via Google Pay. … To transfer a plastic card to or create a new card in Google Pay, customers will need to have an Android phone running Android 5 or later.

Is San Leandro BART station safe?

Of the Bay Area’s 44 BART stations, the Chronicle is calling out two as the safest and two as the most dangerous based on crime. … Southern San Leandro’s elevated Bay Fair Station, which the Chronicle calls “drearier than most” and in “the midst of concrete suburbia,” is also a standout in crime statistics.

Is Hayward BART safe?

The station recorded more violent crimes than any other station in the system as well as the most calls to police in both 2013 and 2014. One of the reasons Powell has higher numbers, Jennings said, is that the BART Police Department has a substation there, providing a steady presence of officers.

Is Embarcadero BART station safe?

say Powell, Montgomery or Embarcadero… you’ll have NO problem. It’s totally safe. If you want to minimize time spent outside the turnstyles (where problems are more likely to lurk), purchase a BART ticket with sufficient funds to travel to the airport earlier in the day.