To delete ABAP report variants will take time if menu options Goto > Variants > Delete selections are followed for a big number of variant deletion is required.
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How do you delete a display variant in SAP?

  1. Go to Se38.
  2. Type in the report name.
  3. In application tool bar you will find a pushbutton “Variants”. Click on it. Or simply after inputting the report name do CTRL F1.
  4. You will come to a new screen. Here you can change/display or delete the variantr by giving the variant name.
How do I remove a protected variant in SAP?

  1. Simple.
  2. Goto SE38 initial screen.
  3. Type the program name.
  5. Choose change.
  6. A new screen will come.
  7. Select the variant name.
  8. Choose DELETE button.
How do I edit variants in SAP?

  1. Save: Save variant. Change Selection Variant: Once the variant is created, you may re-use it or change it by clicking on the pencil to update/change the variant. …
  2. Using a Selection Variant: Select your name by using the drop-down box. …
  3. Back arrow: Left-click on back arrow.
How do you delete multiple deliveries in SAP?

  1. From shipping , choose Outbound Delivery Change Single Document.
  2. The Change Outbound Delivery screen appears.
  3. Enter the number of the outbound delivery you want to delete or select it using a matchcode.
  4. Choose Enter .
  5. The outbound delivery screen appears.
  6. Choose Outbound delivery Delete .
How do I delete multiple roles in SAP?

Tcode SCAT and record PFCG with delete option of a role. Then find the field from the test case and create a parameter for that. Export default variant. Then edit this file by entering the roles you want to delete.

How do you delete a variant in SAP HANA?

  1. Open the Variants Initial Screen for the relevant program. For more information, see Calling the Initial Screen.
  2. In the Variant field, enter the name of the variant that you want to delete.
  3. Choose Variants → Delete. …
  4. Select the appropriate radio button. …
  5. Choose Continue.
  6. Confirm the deletion request.
How do you delete infotype in SAP HR?

Deleting an SAP HR Infotype Execute transaction PM01. Select delete IT tab and enter infotype number into selection box. Press the delete button.

How do I delete a user specific layout in SAP?

You mean user specific layout? If yes then execute the transaction -> Go to Settings -> Layouts -> Manage -> highlight the layout and click on delete button.

How do I find a variant in SAP?

To retrieve your variant, click on the Get Variant button. Click Execute to pull up the variants created by your user id. Remove the created by user id and enter the variant name in variant field to find someone else’s variant.

How do I lock a variant in SAP?

Choose Attributes under the Subobjects. Choose the option, Protect variant. Save the changes. After this, no other users can adjust your Variant except you!

How do I change the owner of a variant in SAP?

Fill the table name as VARID and press Enter. On the Selection Criteria, fill in the Variant name and press Execute (F8). Click on Detailed Display and you will get the below screen. From this screen, the creator / owner of the variant is USER123 – under the Version number row.

How do I edit a variant?

Click the name of the product that has the variant that you want to edit. In the Variants section of the product details page, click Edit beside the name of the variant that you want to edit. Change the variant details. Click Save.

How do I change variant attributes in SAP?

  1. In the Variant field on the initial screen for maintaining variants, enter the name of the variant.
  2. Choose Change. …
  3. On the application toolbar, choose Variant attributes. …
  4. Maintain the relevant attributes.
  5. Choose with the quick info text Save.
How do I change variant name in SAP?

From the top menu, select Variants > Rename (or using keyboard button, F9). Enter the Variant new name. Press Continue. You will get the below information dialog box which says your variant name has been changed.

How do I delete a role in SAP?

Hi, You can delete roles from tcode PFCG. Enter the name of the role and click on delete. For deleting many roles at a time you can use LSMW.

How do I delete Mass roles?

  1. Enter the roles you want to delete into a TR in dev (through pfcg or enter the objects in SE10). …
  2. Delete the roles in Dev.
How do I remove a role from GRC?

How do you delete a layout in SAP?

To delete one or more layouts, select it/them. In the subsequent dialog box, choose or Edit Delete Layout .

How do I remove variants in Getresponse?

In the top left you will see a drop down list with a default “Variant A” setting. Click + to create more variations for your test. To remove the variant click the trash icon (you can do it before saving the landing page for the first time, later the trash icon will not be available).

How do I add a variant in SAP?

To create a variant, open a transaction and enter the search criteria you would like to see every time you execute. Select Goto from the menu, then select variants, then save the variant. If the system default variant comes up, make sure to change the name and not overwrite it.

What is overview of an infotype?

In SAP, infotype is an information table which stores logical related data. Infotypes are specially designed only for SAP HR module. It denotes as an information type, the data for the employees would be maintained in info types.

What is SAP PA30?

PA30 transaction is a transaction in which you are updating a employee data by way of Infotype (different areas) in HR. PA30 is HR Master Data Maintenance . Enter any existing personnel number (for example 1000).

How do I update infotype in SAP HR?

Function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to maintain SAP HR infotypes. CONSTANTS: change TYPE pspar-actio VALUE ‘MOD’. “This code is requred and locks the record ready for modification CALL FUNCTION ‘HR_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE’ EXPORTING number = p_pernr. “loop at p0071 into p_p0071.

How do I delete layout?

  1. Right click on the layout you would like removed.
  2. When prompted to, select “Delete.”
  3. This will remove the selected layout.
How do I change the user specific layout in SAP?

Select ‘Settings -> Layout -> Administration’ from the menu bar. Select ‘Default Setting’ row from the required layout and save. You can change any layout as default layout by select layout administration default settings.

How do I select a layout in SAP?

Execute the report for which you want to define a layout or change an existing layout. In the report, choose next to , and then Choose Layout . You receive a list of all available layouts. Select the layout you want by double-clicking on the corresponding description.

What is a variant in SAP?

Variants allow you to save your selection parameters in the input screen. It minimizes the need to enter selection parameters each time you run a SAP report. Variants can be stored for ANY SAP REPORT as long as the. Save Button is available in the SAP Menu bar for the report.

How do I set variant as default in SAP?

Choose CCMS →Configuration →Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21. → Variants → SAP-DEFAULT Variant → Create New Version. The system informs you in a dialog box about the function of the SAP-DEFAULT variant.

What is SAP variant configuration?

SAP Variant configuration is intended for the manufacturing of complex products, where the manufacturer often offers new variants of products. The product configurator improves communication between the sales, manufacturing, and production departments.

How do I change a protected variant?

Execute ABAP RSVARENT. As selection criteria to RSVARENT, enter the ABAP name and the variant name. Anybody can then manually change the variant.

How do I change transaction variant in SAP?

  1. Run transaction SHD0.
  2. Choose the transaction you want to create a variant, in the example we will use FB50.
  3. Go to the tab “Transaction Variant”
  4. Choose a name for the transaction variant.
How do I change a batch variant in SAP?

  1. Go to SE38 transaction; enter Program name and execute; then enter all the values in the input fields which are needed and click on “Save” button.
  2. System will take you to variant screen; enter the name and description of the variant.
How do I edit a report variant in SAP?

  3. SUBMIT RS_CHANGE_VARIANT VIA SELECTION-SCREEN. ” Text pool values. Selection Text: P_REPO = Program Name. Selection Text: P_VARI = Variant. Title: Change report variant.
How do you display variant attributes in SAP?

On the application toolbar, choose Variant attributes. The Variant Attributes screen appears. Maintain the relevant attributes. Choose with the quick info text Save.

How do you set a dynamic date in SAP variant?

Now if you want to create the dynamic date for the field – ‘Select data until’, click on the column – ‘Selection variable’ followed by F4. The below popup is displayed. Choose the option ‘D – Dynamic Date Calculation’. Now click on column – ‘Name of Variable’ followed by F4.

How do I create a dynamic date variant in SAP?

Search for the field on which a dynamic/variable date needs to be setup. Go to column-Type of selection variable (Third from right hand side) and click on the dropdown icon or press F4 to show the popup menu for the selection variable. Double-click on the line “D” for dynamic date calculation.

What is SE38 in SAP?

The SAP TCode SE38 is used for the task : ABAP Editor. The TCode belongs to the SEDT package.

How do I delete multiple table entries in SAP?

Go to table and press Ctrl+ shift + F10 where you will go to table entries. Click on F8 (execute). And then select the entries that you want to edit by selecting the checkbox and goto menu Table entry – > select change.

How do you mass delete bom in SAP?

Specify the required ranges in the selection criteria window and choose the action “Delete BOM Header”. The BOMs that match the defined parameters are listed and selected in the “Bill of Materials – Delete Header Preview” window: Make sure only the BOMs you’d like to delete are selected and click OK.

How do I delete a batch in SAP MM?

  1. SAP ECC Menu.
  2. Transaction code.
  3. MSC2N.
  4. Field Name.
  5. User action and values Comment.
  6. Press Enter key.
  7. On Change Batch Screen, tick Batch Deletion Flag at a Plant and Deletion Flag Batch Stock.