Exact model numbers can be found on your box or on your instruction sheet. If unavailable, you may find the general family series number on the back of the spout (non pullout).
How do I know what model my guitar is? find my guitar by serial number.

How do I know what model Moen faucet I have?

Exact model numbers can be found on your box or on your instruction sheet. If unavailable, you may find the general family series number on the back of the spout (non pullout).

How do I identify a Moen product?

Finding a Model Number Moen says that the model number for their products is always located on the product package. If you, a plumber or a contractor have recently installed the products, you may still have the packing on hand and be able to identify it in that way.

Where is the model number located on a Moen kitchen faucet?

The model/series number is usually a four or five digit number and can be followed by letters. On the underside of the spout, the series number may be found. There is a decorative ring at the bottom of the spout that has a series number on it.

Where do I find my faucet model number?

The model number is printed on a tag that is attached to the cold water supply line of the faucet. The supply line is located below the sink, countertop, bath rim, or behind the bowl of a bidet. The model number, or part number, is typically preceded by “P/N.”

The Moen logo has been specially created for our brand. It features the waterdrop symbol, the Moen wordmark and our long-established tagline. The full-color logo is always preferred and should be used whenever possible.

Are all Moen cartridges the same?

There is absolutely NO difference between the Moen 1222 vs 1222B replacement cartridges. They are both the replacement part cartridge for the Posi Temp Moen shower valve. They are made from the same parts, the only difference is their packaging and model number.

Where can I get free replacement parts for Moen?

Replacement parts may be obtained by calling 1-800-289-6636 (Canada 1-800-465-6130), or by writing to Moen Incorporated, 25300 Al Moen Drive, North OImsted, OH 44070-8022. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must accompany all warranty claims.

Are all Moen shower valves the same?

For many years Moen tub/shower valves have been manufactured using one of three valves. These valves are Standard, Posi-Temp and Moentrol. Although the look is similar, the trim is not necessarily interchangeable. … If this is the way your Moen valve operates, any Posi-Temp trim will fit.

What is Moen Mcore?

M-CORE valves and cartridges have pressure-balancing capabilities designed to control temperature fluctuations in the event of water pressure changes in the home. … M-CORE valves and cartridges also feature volume control, allowing you to adjust the flow of water.

How do I know what model bathroom faucet I have?

The most obvious and quickest solution is to look for a logo — the manufacturer’s symbol — that identifies its faucets. Each manufacturer has a distinctive logo that sometimes appears on the escutcheon — the plate beneath the faucet — the body of the faucet, the spout itself or somewhere on the handle.

Are Stanadyne and Moen the same?

Moen is an American product line of faucets and other fixtures started by inventor Alfred M. … In 1956, it became part of Stanadyne, which was in turn acquired by Forstmann-Little & Company in 1988 and then purchased by the consumer-products holding company Fortune Brands.

What does Moen mean?

Family name origins & meanings Belgian (van Moen) : habitational name for someone from Moen in West Flanders. Norwegian : habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads all over Norway, so named from the definite singular form of mo, from Old Norsemór ‘plain’, ‘moor’, ‘heath’.

Are Moen faucets made in the USA?

Moen. Moen is an American faucet brand that’s made plumbing fixtures since 1937. The brand is globally famous for its kitchen faucets and has won several awards for its quality products.

How do I identify my Moen shower valve?

Look closely at the handle buttons that were attached to the shower valve. Typically, “Moen” will be written in the middle of the “Hot” and “Cold” buttons. If you do not see this, the handle buttons have been replaced, or the “Hot/Cold” button is a lever (wall escutcheon).

How do I know what shower cartridge I have?

A stamped brand is a sure-fire shower valve cartridge identifier. The major faucet brands include Delta, Price Pfister, Danco, Kohler, American Standard and Peerless. If your faucet is one of the big brands, it may well be stamped with a mark identifying it.

How long should a Moen kitchen faucet last?

The system has expensive cartridges, they cost about $30 (2014) to replace, but they last a long time — 20 to 30 years. It’s not a bad deal, and unlike modern ceramic faucets, Moen still makes the same part to put into valve bodies made 40 years ago!

How do I file a claim with Moen?

Warranty Claims To initiate a claim, call Moen at 800-289-6636 (800-465-6130 in Canada; 01-800-718-4345 in Mexico), or write Moen at the address on the reverse side.

Are Moen shower trim kits universal?

Moen has manufactured many types of shower rough-in valves including four types single handle shower valves. The trim kits are not interchangeable.

What is the difference between Moen 1200 and 1225?

Moen 1200 has an all-round brass design which ensures longevity in the long run. But in terms of performance, Moen 1225 can offer you better performance with its 1GPM water discharge rate. While Moen 1200 does not support Posi-Temp shower valves, Moen 1225 is compatible with almost any faucet.

Can you replace shower trim without replacing valve?

Yes, the handle is just a pretty shiny lever with a set screw to hold it on. If you find out the brand you can usually go to the plumber supply house ( or maybe a used parts place) and get a replacement. You can also contact the manufacturer online for the bigger brands, they send replacement parts too.

Is m-core a Moentrol?

For decades, Moen built their bath and shower systems off the backbone of Moentrol valves. In 2020, Moen announced that their engineers have overhauled their entire rough-in system with M-CORE valve technology.

What is Moen M PACT system?

Available for both lavatory and tub / shower faucets, M-Pact is a common valve system that allows you to change your trim above the sink, without changing the valve below the sink; making style changes and upgrades quick and easy for you.

What is Moentrol vs PosiTemp?

The Moentrol Valve has volume control which controls the water flow rate so you get the amount of water you want at the temperature you desire. The Moentrol has a flow rate of 7.5gpm while the PosiTemp has a flow rate of 6.3gpm. The Moentrol valve operates by pulling the knob out to control flow.

What is the difference between Moen cartridge 1224 and 1224b?

Answer: The 1224 is packaged in retail packaging sold at retail stores. … The 1224b is not in pretty retail packaging but just the cartridge only in a bag. All double handle faucets from Moen use the same cartridge.

How do I stop my Moen kitchen faucet from dripping?

  1. Prepare Your Tools.
  2. Turn Off Water Source. …
  3. Open Up the Faucet. …
  4. Reveal the O-Ring and Cartridge Tube. …
  5. Determine Location of the O-Rings. …
  6. Remove the Escutcheon or Crown. …
  7. Pull Out the Water Spout. …
  8. Take the O-Rings and Bearings Off.
How do I find out what brand my bathroom sink is?

Bathroom Sink: The serial label can be found on the backside of the sink. Kitchen Sink: The serial label can be found on the underside of the sink. Utility Sink: The serial label can be found on the underside of the sink.

What faucet brand has a red and blue circle?

The Delta faucet has a red/blue button.

What is a ball faucet?

Ball faucets are very common in kitchen sinks and were the first type of washerless faucet. … The ball faucet has a single handle that controls a special plastic or metal ball inside the faucet body. This ball has chambers or slots in it, along with rubber O-rings and spring-loaded rubber seals.