To learn more about the program, please visit To begin the BMC training program on the Terminal, log in with your Bloomberg account, enter BMC and click the green GO key.
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How do I learn to use Bloomberg?

There are two ways to begin using Bloomberg. The first is to subscribe to the Bloomberg service. You can do so by contacting them (general contact number is (212) 318-2000). 1 The representative you speak with can then take down details of what you are looking for and have someone from the sales team contact you.

How can I get Bloomberg certified for free?

Bloomberg is now offering FREE access to BMC via the web, in lieu of a Bloomberg Terminal connection. The fee for web access for this program is normally $149 US, but is now being waived for academic customers. The program is in place until December 31, 2021.

How do I get BMC certified?

You have 1 year to complete BMC and earn your certification. BMC contains 4 modules: Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities. All learning is done via Bloomberg Video; bring a headset. Each module runs between 1 and 3 hours.

How long does the BMC course take?

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an 8-10 hour self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets.

Does BMC expire?

Answer: According to the Bloomberg Marketing Certification (BMC) Software website, BMC accreditation does not expire. … BMC Certified Professional Certifications expire three years from the date of passing the exam. The BMC Certified Expert Certification expires two years from the exam date.

Can you fail BMC?

There is no pass/fail grade requirement to acquire the certificate of completion. To obtain the certificate of completion you must finish all 4 modules and the exam.

What is Blumberg?

Bloomberg is a media conglomerate that is a provider of financial news and information, research, and financial data. The main revenue earner for the company is its Bloomberg Terminal, which provides snapshot and detailed information about financial markets.

Is Bloomberg free for students?

Current students (domestic and international students in both undergraduate and graduate programs), who are over the age of 18, are eligible for purchasing a Bloomberg Student Digital subscription for $9.99/month until graduation.

Is Bloomberg education free?

We work directly with universities all over the world, providing Bloomberg Financial Market Labs: spaces packed with Bloomberg Terminals, free for students to use.

What is Big Mac Index BMC?

Question: What does the Big Mac index show? How interest rates and inflation affect trade How The Economist magazine estimates inflation How the law of one price is true of consumer products How currencies may be overvalued or undervalued.

Can you restart Bloomberg market concepts?

Please not that your BMC expiration is independent of your Terminal login expiration. Can I pause a module and resume it at a later date? Yes. When you log back into the module, it will reopen where you left off.

How long is Bloomberg market concepts course?

They provide general information on the BMC, give an overview of the different course modules, and detail the learning outcomes. The Bloomberg Market Concepts takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

How much is Bloomberg terminal?

The Bloomberg terminal will cost you approximately $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year.

Is the BMC course worth it?

Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate on Resume While this can be a good education for you personally, it will not add much value to your resume. If you can take it for free through your school on a terminal, it is likely worth your time if you are not a finance major (or have not taken any finance courses yet).

What is full form of BMC?

Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Seal of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Type Municipal Corporation