Sikkens Cetol Deck Slip Resistant GENERAL ADVICE: Do not sand between coats. Always apply coatings along the grain and never across.
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Do you sand between coats of Sikkens?

Sikkens Cetol Deck Slip Resistant GENERAL ADVICE: Do not sand between coats. Always apply coatings along the grain and never across.

What temperature should you apply Sikkens stain?

When using Sikkens Proluxe Cetol SRD, brushing is the required method for application on decks and other horizontal surfaces. Apply when the surface and air temperature is between 50° F (10° C) – 90° F (32° C).

How long will Sikkens stain last?

Sikkens states in their literature that you should expect to get 2-4 years life out of their system on a sunny side of a house, and 3-5 years on a shady side. At this point, maintenance should be performed.

Can you paint over Sikkens stain?

Registered. Personally I wouldn’t paint over sikkens unless I primed it with a great oil primer first…. maybe even sand and then oil prime. Even then I would do a tester first to see how it went.

Can you thin down sikkens?

should not normally be thinned but you MAY need to a bit if you are applying in high temperature and direct sunlight. We used 2 coats of Cetol followed by 2 coats of Cetol gloss for a very nice look.

Is Sikkens stain water based?

Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro is a quick drying water based exterior timber finish that is ideal for decks and outdoor furniture providing good durability and flexibility. Its highly transparent finish accentuates the natural characteristics and colour of the wood.

What happens if you apply stain when it's too hot?

High temperatures are a big concern while applying the stain. If it’s too hot, the stain may dry too quickly, potentially causing lap marks and uneven penetration. Avoid staining your deck if it’s above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. … It’s okay if the temperature rises after the stain is applied and has begun to dry.

How do you maintain Sikkens SRD?

Apply a cleaning solution of four (4) ounces of oxalic acid to one gallon of warm water using a garden sprayer or a heavy nap roller cover. Allow solution to dwell on surface for 20 minutes then thoroughly rise with clean water. Do not allow solution to dry on wood surface.

What is Sikkens stain called now?

Now the Sikkens branding has been dropped from the label altogether and replaced entirely with “PPG ProLuxe.” Per their purchase agreement, PPG has now dropped all additional Akzo Nobel trademarked names.

Does sikkens make a solid stain?

ProLuxe Premium Solid Stain Wood Finish is a premium, solid colour stain for decks, fences, siding, and outdoor furniture.

How many coats does cetol Marine have?

Apply 3 coats of Cetol® Marine. Always allow 24 hours drying time in between coats. Sanding between coats is not recommended as this will result in a reduction of dry film thickness. Recommended film thickness must be applied to ensure effective product performance.

How do you clean a sikken deck?

  1. Sweep away dust, cobwebs, leaves and bird droppings.
  2. Using a hard-bristle brush, scrub the deck with a mild detergent solution to remove embedded dirt, grease and grime. Rinse with fresh water.
  3. Once the deck is completely dry, apply two to three coats of the timber coating last used on the deck.
How do you clean cetol sikkens?

Wash with warm water and liquid detergent solution to remove any contaminants, frequently changing the water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all residues. Allow to dry. Re-coat with two full coats of Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 (in appropriate colour).

Is Sikkens paint any good?

More than likely to be the junk fast grown wood, Sikkens range are very good products as are Sadolin. The wood would benefit from a wood preservative treatment prior to applying any finishing product but let the treatment fully dry first.

How do you use teak Sikkens?

For best results, apply in direction of grain with a long haired natural bristle brush. Don’t apply In direct sunlight or when surface is hot to touch. Do not apply in wet weather or when moisture content is greater than 18%. Do not apply Sikkens Cetol Natural Teak Finish below the waterline.

What is Sikkens paint?

A highly durable, high build, solvent-borne opaque that provides a satin paint-like finish on exterior surfaces. A premium quality, solvent-borne primer/undercoat that can be used on interior and exterior timber.

How long does sikkens cetol take to dry?

Drying Time: Touch-dry six (6) – eight (8) hours; dry to walk on after 24 hours minimum at 68º F and 65% relative humidity. Note: During application, moisture content of wood substrate should not exceed 21%. Do not apply when rain, dew, or frost are forecast within five (5) hours of application.

Can you spray Sikkens log and siding?

Transparency: Translucent film forming Application: Sikkens Proluxe Cetol Log & Siding can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. To spray using an airless sprayer using a . 011”-. 013” tip at 1200 – 1700 psi.

Does Sikkens stain come in quarts?

Sikkens Cetol Door and Window – Exterior Wood Finish – Clear Satin, 1 Quart.

What is the minimum temperature for staining wood?

Wood stain works in a wide range of temperatures. Staining at temperatures ranging from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit usually works, but the optimal temperature is around the mid-70s, not too hot and not too cold.

What happens if you stain wood in the cold?

If it’s too wet or cold, the drying time for stains can easily double. In extreme cases, the product will just stay wet until the humidity decreases or the temperatures rises. Oppositely, if it’s too warm, the stain will dry very quickly and could lead to lap marks or uneven penetration.

Is it OK to stain wood while it's raining?

It is best to never stain any exterior wood when inclement weather is forecasted, especially rain. Most deck stain brands will warn against the application of their product within 12-24 hours of rain being forecast. … Some stains can handle rain shortly after being applied better than others.

Who owns Sikkens stain?

Sikkens is part of AkzoNobel, the largest global paint and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. AkzoNobel supplies industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers.

Is Sikkens and PPG the same?

The PPG ProLuxe product line will contain all of the same Sikkens ProLuxe products and formulas, but will now showcase the updated PPG ProLuxe name and new packaging. …

Is sikkens a PPG?

A premium exterior wood finishes brand for decks, logs and siding, doors, windows and interior finishes, the Sikkens brand is becoming the Sikkens PROLUXE™ brand. … The ProLuxe brand is a line of PPG Industries’ architectural coatings business.