For example, if you’ve subscribed to OkCupid Basic for 6 months and upgrade to OkCupid Premium, you’ll only be able to choose the 6 month OkCupid Premium subscription package.
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Is it worth paying for OkCupid premium?

Paying for OkCupid Premium is worth it if… Seeing how a particular match answered different questions can give you valuable inspiration when writing your intro, too. The most popular OkCupid users get flooded with intros, so having one that stands out gives you a competitive edge.

How much does OkCupid premium cost?

Membership Type Membership Length Membership Cost
Premium 1 month $39.99
Premium 3 months $26.66 monthly
Premium 6 months $19.99 monthly
Add On – Boost 1x $6.99
How does OkCupid Premium work?

OkCupid Premium: All of the features of OkCupid Basic, plus: See everyone who Likes you before you Like them. See everyone’s public answers to their questions before you answer.

Is OkCupid 2021 worth it?

Short answer: Yes, OKCupid is a good dating site. There are three big reasons why I say it’s a good dating site: First: OKCupid’s compatibility ratings are really helpful in helping to understand a potential date before you even meet them.

Does OkCupid give fake likes?

Are OkCupid likes fake? They are probably bots. Hazel is paid by okcupid to give out fake likes. … Other sites do it, and okcupid keeps inching closer to a hookup site, if it isn’t one already.

Is OkCupid or Bumble better?

Bumble takes a unique approach to online dating which includes making it so only women can initiate conversations. OKCupid does not have any boundaries on who can or cannot initiate messages. OKCupid offers read receipts on messages, which helps you to determine when a match is active and worth spending time on.

How much is OkCupid per month?

A-List Basic A-List Premium
1 month for $9.95/month 1 month for $24.90/month
Why am I not getting any likes on OkCupid?

If you’re not seeing as many people as you expect, try double checking your Looking For settings. You may want to consider expanding those if they’re very restrictive. You may also want to reset your passes (you can do so from your settings page under Privacy) to take another look at people you’ve passed on.

Can you message someone for free on OkCupid?

Messaging on OkCupid is completely free. Once you and someone else Like each other, you can send each other messages from your messaging page.

Can I refund OkCupid premium?

If you sign up for a subscription, you can cancel at any time. Canceling your subscription will prevent you from being billed again in the future, but will not automatically refund you: you keep the rest of the time you paid for, and then automatically downgrade back to free.

Can you super like on OkCupid?

SuperLikes make it easy to know when someone really likes you! We give you one SuperLike to use every week, and sending them to your matches significantly increases your chances of matching with them. When members SuperLike you, you’ll see a separate Stack where you can view them.

How can I see my likes on OkCupid for free?

If you and another member Like each other, we always let you both know, for free. If they like you first: as soon as you Like their profile, you’ll see a pop-up telling you that you both Like each other! We also show you people who have Liked you and sent you an Intro in the intros section.

Is tinder better than OkCupid?

OkCupid is better than Tinder If you’re looking for a long-term relationship. OkCupid’s matchmaking questions take a lot of information from you and then facilitate you with very quality matches. However, Tinder is better for people who are looking for hookups or casual dating.

Do you have to pay to see intros on OkCupid?

If you’re a paid member, you can see all of your Intros at once. If you don’t have a paid subscription, you’ll see one Intro message at a time. You can visit the person’s profile to see the full Intro they sent you.

How do I not pay for OkCupid?

On the website (not the app), go to your Subscription Settings page to see your subscription details. If you use the app but paid with PayPal or a credit card, you will need to go to on a browser to cancel your subscription.

What's the best dating app?

  • Quick list:
  • Best for quality interactions: Hinge.
  • Best for meetups and hookups: Tinder.
  • Best for kink: Feeld.
  • Best for those looking for something specific: OKCupid.
  • Best for serious relationships: eHarmony.
  • Best for women: Bumble.
  • Best for queer women: Her.
Should I get tinder or Bumble?

Bumble is better than Tinder if you’re looking for a serious relationship. The matches are of higher quality overall, and many of the women you’ll find on the app are “meet-the-parents-ready” marriage material. Bumble was started by one of Tinder’s founders who wanted to create a more “women-friendly” app.

Is hinge better than Bumble?

Hinge is better than bumble when it comes to match quality and filtering. The Most Compatible & Standouts features offer curated match suggestions, plus you can change your location for free to increase your potential dating pool.

Can people see if you have OkCupid premium?

Other users cannot tell if you have A-List. They can guess very easily now. If someone likes somebody who isn’t in their area, and that other person likes them back – then one can be pretty sure the person who was originally ‘liked’ has a paid subscription.

How much is OkCupid per month?

A-List BasicA-List Premium1 month for $9.95/month1 month for $24.90/month

Is there a way to see who likes you on OkCupid without paying?

If you’re using the free version of OKCupid, you can only see if a person likes you when you, too, press « like » on them, aka when it’s a mutual match.

How much does OkCupid premium cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostPremium1 month$39.99Premium3 months$26.66 monthlyPremium6 months$19.99 monthlyAdd On – Boost1x$6.99

How does OkCupid Premium work?

OkCupid Premium: All of the features of OkCupid Basic, plus: See everyone who Likes you before you Like them. See everyone’s public answers to their questions before you answer.