How much water does it take to fill a 12 foot round pool?

Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Volumes by Size
12 ft Round 2,975 gals 3,398 gals
15 ft Round 4,646 gals 5,310 gals
18 ft Round 7,646 gals 8,602 gals
21 ft Round 9,106 gals 10,408 gals
How much water will it take to fill a 12×30 pool?

So the area of the pool’s foot print is 3.14 (PI) * 12 * 12 = 452 square feet. The pool is 30″ which is 30/12 == 2.5 feet, So the pool is 2.5 * 452 = 1130 cubic feet. Which is 1130 * 7.48 = 8452 gallons.

How long does it take to fill a 10ft pool?

Takes a while to fill between 3 and 4 hours. The pump is on the lean side and although it filters the water the filter seems in drastically reduce the flow and can at times choke itself. We added in an ‘intex’ solar heater for the pool, which warms the water by 5 or 6 degrees.

How long does it take to fill up a 24 ft pool?

The average pool can take 12-24 hours to fill and that is only if you have a few hoses chugging away. When your family is chomping at the bit to dive in, that may as well be an eternity.

How many Litres is a 12ft Intex pool?

Intex 12 Ft Prim Metal Frame Swimming Pool With Water Filter, Capacity: 6503 Litres.

How many gallons are in a 12 foot Intex pool?

Measuring 12-Feet by 30-Inches and able to hold up to 1,718 gallons of water, this pool is the perfect size for any backyard fun.

How much chlorine do I put in a 12×30 pool?

Pool Size (Diameter x Depth) Capacity (Gallons) Chlorine Bleach (Oz / Cups)
10′ x 30″ 1,081 14oz / 1.75C
12′ x 30″ 1,485 19.5oz / 2.5C
12′ x 36″ 1,779 23oz / 3C
15′ x 33″ 2,587 33.5oz / 4.25C
Can I fill my pool overnight?

If necessary, clean the pool so that you will have clean water right from the start. … Although it may take several hours to fill your pool completely, make sure that someone is available to continuously checking on the pool. It is never recommended to leave your home during this time or to fill your pool overnight.

How long does it take to fill a 10 foot Intex pool?

For the smallest Intex Easy Set, that’s 10 feet in diameter and has a depth of 30 inches, it will take about 1.5 hours for it to be filled up to 80% of its capacity using a hose with a 12 GPM flow rate.

How long does it take to fill an Intex Easy Set pool?

Answer : No, but if you have a ground cover, you can roll the pool up inside it.
Question : How long does it take to fill the pool with water?
Answer : 2-5 hours, depending on which pool, hose size and water pressure.
How long after you fill a pool Can you swim?

Chlorine/non-chlorine chemicals – When adding chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to “shock” your pool after a fill-up, wait about 24 hours or until levels are approximately 5 ppm. If you’ll only be adding liquid chlorine, it’s generally safe to swim after about 4 hours or until levels are 5 ppm or lower.

Will my pool fill faster with two hoses?

You have a 3/4″ line and all the water pressure of either a municipal water system or a water pump. Splitting that into two lines will not likely double the flow rate as there is a pressure drop, but it should increase the total flow rate considerably.

How long can I run my well to fill a pool?

Even if your well has a high flow rate, we recommend filling your swimming pool slowly over the course of a day or two – or longer if you’re filling an extra-large pool.

How long does it take to fill a 12 000 gallon pool?

Capacity Gallons Hours 7 GPM Hours 10 GPM
< 1,000 < 2 1/2 < 2
5,000 12 8 1/3
10,000 23 3/4 16 2/3
15,000 35 3/4 25
What is the cheapest way to fill a pool with water?

  1. Your Water.
  2. Call the water company and tell them you are going to fill your swimming pool. …
  3. Run the hose to the pool with enough slack that the end of the hose is on the bottom of the pool.
How much should I fill my pool?

Most pool professionals agree that the water level in both in-ground and above-ground pools should be at the midpoint of the pool skimmer.

How often should I put chlorine in my pool?

  1. It depends on the pool, but for residential you can get away with once a week, with a mid week check. …
  2. A major factor is how much chlorine that your chlorinator takes. …
  3. Depending on your chemical needs, you probably need to add chlorine shock every two weeks.
Do I need to put chlorine in Intex pool?

For the greatest protection against algae, bacteria, and cloudy water, Intex pools should maintain a chlorine level of 2.0-4.0 ppm at all times. If you opted for the Intex Salt Chlorinator, you can make your own chlorine by adding the correct amount of Pool Salt to the water.

How many chlorine tablets does my pool need?

To use the right number of tablets, always round your pool volume up to the nearest unit of 5,000 gallons. For instance, your pool has a capacity of 20,000 gallons, you would add four chlorine tablets. But if your pool holds just 16,000 gallons, you’d still use four, three-inch chlorine tablets.

How many gallons does a 12 x36 pool hold?


How much pool shock do I need?

Typically for granular shock, you’ll need one pound for every 10,000 to 13,500 gallons of pool water. With over 8 million residential swimming pools across the US ranging from 5 thousand gallons to over 30 thousand gallons, the amount of shock you need to treat a swimming pool isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

How long do the Intex pools last?

Intex is a popular manufacturer of temporary above-ground pools. How long they last depends on a number of factors, but the simple answer is that the inflatable pools will last 2-4 years and the metal frame types will last between 4-8 years.

What is a good size for a swimming pool?

For a family of 8 people, a pool size of 18 by 36 feet is adequate. Even if you all decide to swim at the same time, there will be enough space for everyone. A rectangular shape is the best choice for this size of the pool. If there are six or less in your family, a pool size of 16 by 32 feet will be sufficient.

How Much Is gallon of chlorine?

The basic balance of chlorine to water is between 1 and 3 ppm, or 0.00013 ounces of chlorine per gallon of water.

How long can water sit in pool without chlorine?

I think the answer to your question is about 3-6 days. The problem is that the chlorine that you need to keep the bacteria in check is used up more quickly as the temperature rises, the activity increases, and as sweat and other body stuff is put into the pool.

Can you swim with chlorine tablets in pool?

Answer: Yes, when using tablets they can be present in the water while you swim. Also confirm with a test of the chlorine level to be sure the sanitizer level is safe for swimming.

Can you use regular bleach in a pool?

Clorox itself recommends using between 100 and 200 ounces of regular-strength bleach per 10,000 gallons of pool water — one gallon is 128 ounces, and many bottles of bleach are available in one-gallon or half-gallon sizes. Pool professionals tend to recommend more conservative amounts of bleach.

How can I fill my pool faster?

  1. #1. Garden hose using city water. The most straightforward way to fill inground swimming pools with water is to connect a garden hose to your outdoor spigot. …
  2. #2. Water delivery service. …
  3. #3. Well. …
  4. #4. Fire hydrant using city water.
How long does it take to drain a pool with a garden hose?

The average outdoor spigot on a home can produce up to 12 gallons per minute. A small pool can be filled in a few hours, while a large one can take 14 hours.

How long does it take a water truck to fill a pool?

This is common for people who are filling their pool with water for the first time. Filling your pool with a hose is certainly a sensible and viable solution. However, it takes an average of 12-24 hours to fill even a small pool.

How long does it take to fill a 10ft by 30in pool?

It will take 2 – 3 hours to fill the pool with a hose.

How many chlorine tablets do I need for a 10ft pool?

Do i fill the whole thing up till filled with tablets? or do i stick one tablet in for a 10ft summer wave pool. thanks:-) Answer: One tablet is all you need.

Can you use an extension cord with an Intex pool?

Using Extension Cords It’s highly recommended never to use an extension cord to power a pump of an above ground swimming pool. … If the wire isn’t thick enough, the extension cord would overheat and burn up. The pump’s motor would also burn out if the cord isn’t thick enough.

How long should I run my Intex pool pump?

During the highest of summer temperatures, run the filter pump for at least eight hours per day. In warmer climates you will find yourself needing to add more chlorine to meet demands because it dissipates faster in warm weather. The pool chemicals need to circulate, which is why the filter pump must run for that long.

Does an Intex pool have to be level?

Any more than two inches is unacceptable. Intex pools that are three inches off or more will not last and no one should be swimming in one. … In an extreme case, the pool will collapse from the pressure. If your above ground pool is off by three inches or more, it needs to be taken down, leveled and reinstalled.

Should I shock my pool when I first fill it up?

At first you’ll add chlorine in what’s called “shock” levels – an extra heavy dose to start your pool off. A shock dose coupled with extra circulation will ensure that all the water gets treated properly in the beginning. … Now it’s time to keep the water hardness in check, otherwise known as alkalinity.

Do I need to shock pool after filling?

Add a clarifier to the water. The clarifier will help the filter to remove the very tiny particles that enter the pool in the filling process or that may remain following construction and installation. … Shock treat the pool using a quality non-chlorine shock.

How soon can you walk on pool plaster?

Typically, pool plaster interior is hard on the surface within 24 hours, but takes up to 30 days to fully cure 100% through. For best results you should follow the NPC standards for swimming pool startup after installing a new interior surface.