What are Matchbox cars worth?

  • Superfast 8d Rover 3500 Police Car. Estimated Value: $750. …
  • Ford Mustang. Estimated Value: $2,700. …
  • Mercury Station Wagon (1969-1973) Estimated Value: $3,700. …
  • Mercury Cougar (1968-1970) …
  • Ford Kennel Truck (1969-1972) …
  • Mercedes Benz 230SL (1967) …
  • BP Dodge Wreck Truck (1965) …
  • ERF Dropside Lorry.
How can you tell if a Matchbox car is rare?

The age of the Matchbox toy vehicles is a vital factor in determining the value of the cars. For example, a model produced in standard quantities in the 1950s will be rarer and more valuable today than one produced in similar quantities in the 1980s.

Are Matchbox cars still made of metal?

Mattel announced today that every Matchbox toy and die-cast car, including the packaging they come in, will be made with 100% recyclable plastics by 2030. … The Matchbox Roadster is made from 99% recycled materials: 62.1% recycled zinc, 36.9% recycled plastic and 1% not-recycled stainless steel.

What is the most valuable toy car?

  • Matchbox 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane (No. …
  • Beatnik Bandit Hot Wheels – $15,000.
  • 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – $18,000.
  • Dinky Pre-war No.22D Delivery Van ‘W.E. Boyce’ – $26,000.
  • Tomica Z432 Datsun – $80,000.
  • 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb – $125,000.
Do old Matchbox cars have any value?

The ones we own aren’t worth much, but there are a number of Matchbox models that could be worth thousands of dollars; especially if they were issued in the ’60s and they’re in great shape. Maryland resident Bruce Pascal, for instance, owns 4,000 Hot Wheels toys.

What Matchbox cars are collectible?

  • Aveling Barford Road Roller 1953. …
  • Ford Fairlane Police Car – Gray Wheels 1961. …
  • Mercedes Benz 230 SL – Apple Green 1967. …
  • Opel Diplomat 1966 – Sea Green. …
  • BP Dodge Wrecker 1965 – Reverse Color. …
  • Magirus Deutz Crane 1961 – Light Brown. …
  • Major Scale Quarry Truck.
Which came first Hot Wheels or Matchbox?

Origins: Matchbox was launched in 1953 by UK-based Lesney Products. Hot Wheels was created in the USA by Mattel in 1968 and quickly picked up speed (pardon the pun) due to the low-friction wheels and new styles. Hot Wheels competed against Matchbox all the way till 1997, when Mattel acquired its owner Tyco Toys.

Are Matchbox cars still made in England?

The key for Matchbox’s success was the price. … By the end of the 1970s, Matchbox faced financial difficulties and ended up in receivership. The company was eventually purchased by Mattel in 1997, uniting rivals Matchbox and Hot Wheels under one roof. Manufacturing ceased in England in 1985.

How old is Hot Wheels?

Product type Die-cast toy
Owner Mattel
Country United States
Introduced May 18, 1968
Are Matchbox cars safe?

Matchbox cars sold at Target in Onondaga County were found to have high level of toxic chemicals, according to a new report. … Both can contain toxic heavy metals that accumulate in children’s bodies over time.

How many Matchbox cars are there?

To date, there have been more than 12,000 individual Matchbox model lines, and the total production is over three billion miniature toys and trucks. The first matchbox cars sold for 39 to 48 cents.

What film destroyed the most cars?

Chase and crash scenes The new film claimed the world record for the highest number of cars destroyed at 104, beating the record set by The Blues Brothers. In the film’s major crash scene, 63 cars were destroyed.

What is the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels?

The Holy Grail Of Hot Wheels Collectibles Is This 1969 VW Surf Bus.

Are Matchbox toys worth anything?

Rare Matchbox toy cars can fetch more than the cost of a real one, but there are still bargains to be found – so collecting them could set you on the road to a fortune. … Another toy that sold for a top price was a 1960s green refrigerator truck. Even with a scratched windscreen it was snapped up for a cool £9,600.

What is the oldest Matchbox Car?

Aveling Barford Road Roller The first 1:64 sized Matchbox car, this green road roller was first released in 1953.

Do Hot Wheels lose value?

What they lose in intrinsic value they gain in functionality. If it’s a regular mainline, nothin bc they have made millions of them. Supers, premium, RLC will loose value.

What happened to Lesney?

IndustryToyDefunct1982FateCompany defunct, Matchbox brand remained after being acquired by Universal ToysHeadquartersU.K.Area servedWorldwide

Who started Matchbox toys?

Jack Odell, a self-trained engineer whose daughter’s mischievous habit of taking spiders to school in a matchbox prompted him to make her a tiny steamroller as a substitute — an invention that led to Matchbox Toys, maker of 3 billion Lilliputian vehicles in 12,000 models — died on July 7 in London. He was 87.

What size is a 1/64 diecast car?

A 1/64 scale replica would be about 2.8 inches long. In general, this means that for the same model car, a 1/18 scale version will be larger than a 1/24 scale version, which is larger than a 1/32, which is larger than a 1/43, which is larger than a 1/64, and so on.

What's the most expensive hot wheel car?

1) 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb Finally, we come to the most expensive Hot Wheels car of all time. The Pink Beach Bomb is not only said to be worth a staggering $175,000, but it is also cool as hell. This van is thought to be only one of two ever made, making it quite the rare Hot Wheels car.

What Hot Wheels will be worth money?

  • 37. 1995 Treasure Hunt 1967 Camaro — $931. …
  • 37. 1995 Treasure Hunt 1967 Camaro — $931. …
  • 1971 Boss Hoss with Black Roof — $1,050. …
  • 1971 Boss Hoss with Black Roof — $1,050. …
  • 1955 Candy Striper Chevy Bel Air Gasser —$1,000-$1,400. …
  • 1955 Candy Striper Chevy Bel Air Gasser —$1,000-$1,400.
What is the price of Hot Wheels?

This item Hot Wheels 10 Cars Gift Pack, Assorted Metal Cars, MulticolorHot Wheels Plastic Entry Level Trackset Includes 1 Die-Cast Car, Multi ColorPriceFrom ₹2,989.00₹359.00Sold ByAvailable from these sellersCloudtail IndiaColorMulticolorMulticolorItem Weight417 grams—

Are Matchbox cars safe for babies?

The best vehicles to choose are those that are safe. Small cars like Matchbox brand or others have parts that present a choking hazard to your toddler. Also, don’t choose cars that do things that your toddler can do for herself. Examples include cars that make noises and have motors that propel them forward.

Are Hot Wheels safe?

yes. Hot wheels have been around for a very long time and is a trusted product. They have made many changes or upgrades to make sure the product is safe.

What scale are Hot Wheels cars?

Hot Wheels makes 1:64-scale die-cast imitations of the kind of cars you might see tooling around your neighborhood, if your neighbors are speed freaks, color fiends, and drivers with slight aggression issues.

How do you tell if a toy has lead paint on it?

The only accurate way to test a toy for lead is by a certified laboratory. Do-it-yourself kits are available. However, these kits do not indicate how much lead is present and their reliability at detecting low levels of lead has not been determined.

Did Hot Wheels use lead paint?

Mattel, the maker of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars, is recalling nearly one million toys in the United States today because the products are covered in lead paint. According to Mattel, all the toys were made by a contract manufacturer in China.

Do old toys have lead paint?

Some toys, especially some imported toys, antique toys, and toy jewelry may contain lead. Although lead is invisible to the naked eye and has no smell, exposure to lead can seriously harm a child’s health.