Yamaha says a complete Helm Master EX kit for repower or upfitting a single-outboard boat will cost about $16,000, plus boat-specific cables.
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Can I add Yamaha helm master?

This means you can install the complete Helm Master™ EX system, or start with the Digital Electronic Controls and Digital Electric Steering, and add additional components over time, allowing you to reap the benefits that come with each component upgrade.

Can you add helm master to a boat?

The expansion of Helm Master EX from single- to quint-outboard boat configurations makes the system a great fit for small center consoles to large offshore boats.” The Helm Master EX is all-new software that builds upon the original Helm Master concept and was designed specifically for use with Yamaha outboards.

Can you retrofit Yamaha helm master?

From the DEC to the joystick, all components can be easily retrofit. With 100 percent digital controls, the wheel is just bolted to the dash, and the cable links it and the joystick to the Helm Master display and the electronic steering. Without hydraulics, the autopilot is plug-and-play.

What is Yamaha helm master?

The Yamaha Helm Master is a fully integrated boat control system which includes an enhanced binnacle control, streamlined digital display, push-button start/stop switches, an RFID key fob, and an innovative joystick. The Yamaha Helm Master system features an enhanced binnacle control and a joystick.

How much is a new Yamaha 150 outboard?

$15,305.00. There’s a good reason why the legendary Yamaha F150 is the best-selling 150-horsepower four stroke of all time. Powerful, light, nimble and compact, boaters know that its proven reliability is unmatched for everything from pontoons to flats boats to deep-V hulls.

Does Yamaha have active trim?

Active Trim functions with one to four outboards. Yamaha’s Trim Assist is available only with the optional Helm Master system, which works with Yamaha’s 4.2-liter V-6 and F350 V-8 outboards in triple- and quad-engine installations.

When did Yamaha helm master come out?

When Yamaha introduced its Helm Master boat-control system in 2012, the product stirred intense fascination with its many robust features and its ability to control multiple outboard engines independently.

What is Yamaha set point?

Set Point uses a dual-antenna GPS to engage its three primary modes: Stay Point, Fish Point and Drift Point. Stay Point keeps the boat close to a specific spot and maintains position and heading, like a virtual anchor. … Set Point is available to boat makers for their new builds.

What is Yamaha fly by wire?

Advertisement. Quick Tip: Fly-by-wire controls automatically synchronize rpm using a single throttle lever for multiple engines.

Does Yamaha have a skyhook?

Skyhook will hold position and heading while waiting for a draw bridge to open, for example, or keep a fishing boat directly over underwater structure regardless of wind or current. The new systems introduced at Miami by Mercury, Yamaha and SeaStar are strikingly similar and expand on this basic capability.

Where are Yamaha engines made?

Yamaha outboard motors are manufactured at four production bases: the Fukuroi South Factory (Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture) and group company Yamaha Kumamoto Products Co., Ltd. (Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture) in Japan, MBK Industrie in France and Yamaha Motor da Amazonia Ltda.

What is digital steering on a boat?

Enjoy your time on the water with full command of your boat, thanks to Dometic SeaStar’s Optimus Electronic Power Steering. Ensuring responsive steering control, reliable performance and comfort, this system allows you to take command of your boat without having to arm wrestle for control.

Why are outboard motors so expensive?

The boat engine (outboard) is expensive because they need to withstand the marine environment well, so all the parts used in making one are expensive stuff. And they don’t sell numerous motors all the time, so to stay in business, they need to make a profit, so the price of an outboard (boat motor) is high.

What is the lightest 150 hp outboard motor?

It’s the lightest 150hp four-stroke outboard on the market. Smart design makes the 150hp Mercury FourStroke nearly 20 pounds lighter than its closest four-stroke competitor, and less than a battery weight heavier than a two-stroke.

How fast does a Yamaha 150 go?

At wide-open throttle, the F115 propels the Dominator to 39 mph and gets 3.8 mpg. The exact same boat rigged with the F150 turns just 3500 rpm to get up to 27 mph, while it cruises at 37 mph at 4500 rpm, and gets 4.4 mpg at this speed.

Is Mercury Active trim worth it?

A new auto-trimming device for Mercury outboards and sterndrives, Mercury Active Trim, helps boats plane more quickly, levels the ride, makes driving in snotty water and boat traffic easier, and, according to test reports, delivers fuel savings of 14 to 54 percent. I took it for a ride to see.

What is mercury skyhook?

Mercury Skyhook digital anchor allows you to lock your boat’s position using a GPS satellite antenna. Then, working with your engines and drives, Skyhook maintains your position and heading regardless of wind or current.

How do I tell what year my Yamaha outboard is?

The number at the top right is the Yamaha model number and year. The number denotes the outboard’s HP, and the last letter denotes the outboard’s year of manufacture.

What is Yamaha Command Link Plus?

Command link plus is a complete system which can be used on new Yamaha engines. The system includes the displays, engine throttle shift, start stop, and the Y-COP immobilizer. … Data like Speed, RPMs, fuel flow and economy and one engine function, such as battery or oil.

What is Yamaha Command Link?

Command link is a complete system which can be used on new Yamaha engines. The system includes the displays, engine throttle shift, start stop, and the Y-COP immobilizer. Command link is a rigging system that includes wiring harnesses, network hub(s) and components.

What is engine factory rigging?

Installing an outboard, which is called “rigging,” involves much more than simply bolting the outboard to the transom. It includes connecting the steering system, throttle and shift controls, navigation and communication systems, engine control systems and more.

What does Xca mean for a Yamaha?

Introduced in July 2020, Helm Master EX is Yamaha’s latest and most advanced control technology. Several Yamaha packages are installed together to create the Helm Master EX system: A new Helm Master EX single- or dual-lever Digital Electronic Control (DEC) throttle and Digital (XCA) outboard motor(s).

What is outboard fly-by-wire?

High horsepower outboards with computerized control modules maximize performance and fuel efficiency. … Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha all now offer electronic “fly-by-wire” engine throttle controls on select outboard models. The advantages of using data rather than cable are numerous.

How much does Mercury SkyHook cost?

Enhancements are available as downloads from Mercury’s GoFree store. The latest SkyHook enhancements for Mercury joystick-equipped vessels are available as downloads from Mercury’s GoFree store. They include Heading Adjust ($49.99), BowHook ($49.99) and DriftHook ($449; $499 for all three).

How much does Mercury joystick cost?

The system costs around $40,000 to install, but Mercury points out that as well as a new steering system, owners also gain an autopilot. The joystick also means owners will not need to install a bow thruster to help them manoeuvre the boat. The system is also ideal for anyone considering a repower.

How much does it cost to install a joystick on a boat?

But there’s a downside. Joystick options add at least five figures to the cost of a new boat. Prices start at around $14,000 and range upward to $34,000 or more, depending on the number of engines.

Does Mercury joystick have autopilot?

“Boaters who use Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Outboards enjoy more control of their boat, quieter operation, steering that is far more responsive than any other system on the market and an aesthetically pleasing design that has an integrated autopilot and autoheading for ease of boating.”

What is Yamaha known for?

Yamaha has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, “silent” pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli, and vibraphones), as well as a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, audio/visual, computer related products, sporting goods, …