Typical coat closet widths range from 3 to 6 feet. Allowing more room for thick winter coats and jackets is advisable. Thick winter coats take up about 4 inches of closet width, depending on their size, which means a closet width of 4 to 6 feet will grant more space and convenience.
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How deep should a hanger closet be?

Unless you are working with tiny baby garments, your hangers will require a closet with at least 22-inches of depth in order to swing freely on the rod. The rods must also be hung at prescribed distances from the floor and ceiling because they must accommodate the various lengths of clothing found in typical wardrobes.

How wide is a standard closet?

Usually anywhere from 3 to 8 feet wide with a limited depth of 24 to 30 inches, reach-in closets are commonly found in hallways, kids’ rooms and bedrooms of older homes.

How wide is a coat hanger?

Standard-sized adult hangers measure 17-18 inches. Our over-sized hangers measure 19″ wide, giving more support to heavy coats or larger jackets.

Can a closet be 20 inches deep?

When designing a closet, consider the specific efficiencies of each different storage element to better serve your closet needs. The comfortable recommended depth of a closet is 24” (61 cm), but closet depths as narrow as 20” (50.8 cm) can be used if desired.

What is a good closet size?

2. Dimensions You Need to Know. The ideal reach-in closet (we’re not talking walk-ins here) is 6 to 8 feet wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. Standard double doors are best, assuming there’s room to swing them open.

How wide does a walk-in closet need to be?

Walk-in closets should be a minimum of 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. With these minimum dimensions, the closet will accommodate shelves and hanging space on one side wall and the back wall.

How big is a linen closet?

The typical reach-in linen closet is 30 to 36 inches wide and 15 to 24 inches deep, says Scott Davis, vice president of product development and marketing at Closetmaid, a storage system manufacturer, and can be found either in a bathroom or a hallway near the bedrooms.

How far from the wall should a closet rod be?

As a rule, place the top rod 80 to 82-inches up from the floor and the bottom rod about 40-inches up from the floor. For a single rod application, plan 60-inches from the floor for placement. You will need at least 1-foot, 9-inches (24-inches is standard) away from the back wall for hanging.

How do I choose a hanger size?

The sizing principle for suits and jacket hangers is simple: the hanger should extend all the way to–but not beyond–the point where the shoulder meets the sleeve (the jacket’s sleeve head). The most accurate method of sizing your hanger is to measure directly across the back (the point-to-point measurement).

Is 18 inches deep enough for a closet?

In most places in the U.S., you can’t call it a bedroom if there isn’t a closet. Your building codes may specify minimal dimensions. 24 inches is the standard depth to fit most hangers. 18-20 inches wide was ok in the early 1900’s.

What is the smallest a closet can be?

Reach-In Closets The standard minimum depth for a reach-in closet is 24 inches, but a closet intended to store coats or other bulky hanging items may need to be as deep as 28 inches. A closet less than 22 inches deep isn’t deep enough to allow hanging clothes.

What is the normal depth of a wardrobe?

Most wardrobe cabinets typically are 24 inches deep, but can be as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches in depth. Height also depends on application, but standard height is usually no more than 72 inches.

Are walk-in closets a waste of space?

Built-in Closets They do not take a lot of space and are overall more efficient. Walk-in closets can feel like a waste of space after a while, especially since their size makes them prone to cluttering and chaos. That’s where the ease of maintaining a smaller closet comes out as the winner.

What is the average size of a master bedroom closet?

A walk-in master closet should be a minimum of 7-by-10 feet, and preferably 100 sq. ft. for two users. That gives you space to line two or three walls with shelves, cubbies, and poles, and the elbow room to reach them easily.

How far apart should shelves be in linen closet?

Space shelves around 12 inches to 16 inches apart for towels. Space shelves around 10 inches apart for folded sheets.

How wide is a broom closet?

Take a Good Look All you need is about 18 inches in width and depth – even 16 inches will suffice – and ideally 72 inches of height. Broom closet height can be as short as about 65 inches, but adding a few inches to the top lets you include a shelf for cleaning supplies.

How high should the top shelf be in a closet?

Ideally, the top shelf of a closet is high enough to tuck items out of the way, but low enough that you can retrieve them without a stool. The recommended shelf height is between 87 and 96 inches from the floor. The shelf should also sit at least a foot away from the closet ceiling.

How deep is a coat hanger?

Depth Guidelines Coat hangers are typically 19 inches wide — add a heavy coat and it’s cramped at 24 inches. Coat closets should have a minimum of 28 inches of depth — 30 inches is ideal — to prevent sleeves and bulky coats from interfering with the closet door.

What is standard shelf height?

Storage ItemSpacingDepthLarge Hardcover Books15″12″

Are there different size hangers?

Hangers for clothing and fashion accessories are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Standard adult hangers are usually around 17 inches wide, while children’s hangers are only 12 to 14 inches wide. Specialty hangers for pants and skirts are available in 14 inches.

What makes a good coat hanger?

The experts we consulted agreed that using a hanger with a bar is the best option for a suit as it saves a lot of space and helps keep suit jackets and pants together. This option from Quality Hangers is made from a durable solid wood and includes shoulder notches if you need to hang anything with thin straps.

How many coat hangers do I need?

If you are planning to hang only t-shirts which do not take much space, then you may hang up to 19 hangers per foot. However of you want to hang jackets and suit that are bulky you may make space for 15 hanger per foot. Simple shirts and casual to format dresses would allow you to use 15 to 16 hangers per foot.

How small can a bedroom closet be?

A bedroom walk-in closet size must have a depth of at least 36-48 inches. The bedroom closet’s width is practically half the room’s width. Moreover, a standard 12 x 12 bedroom can customarily accommodate a closet with a depth of 48 inches and a width of 6 feet.

Is 3 feet wide enough for a walk-in closet?

Many people dream of having their own walk-in closet space. … The minimum dimensions for a walk-in closet are four feet wide and four feet deep. This allows for enough storage area that you can effectively use your closet.

How wide is a narrow walk-in closet?

Small Walk-In Closet Dimensions The smallest recommended dimensions for a walk-in closet is a width and depth of 4 feet each. To meet the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’ll need to use the minimum dimensions of 30 inches wide and 48 inches deep for the walkway in the closet.

Do you have to have a closet to be considered a bedroom?

Have you asked yourself, “Does a bedroom have to have a closet?” Well, contrary to popular belief, a bedroom does not need a closet (or a walk-in) to be considered official (forget the en suite bathroom).

How wide are built in wardrobes?

Standard Sizes The standard depth of a wardrobe is 530mm (600 including wall), anything smaller will effect hanging space. Build in wardrobes are often limited to the room sizes and the general layout of the house. In many investment homes wardrobes are designed to suit standard door sizes purely to save costs.

Do walk in closets need outlets?

Although receptacle outlets within closets are permitted, they are not required. … Receptacles must be installed so that no point measured horizontally along the floor line in any wall space is more than 6 feet or 1.8 meters from an outlet in that space.

What's the difference between a walk-in closet and a dressing room?

A walk in wardrobe is as much a dressing room as an en-suite is a bathroom. Unlike a dedicated dressing room, a walk in wardrobe is often a smaller or box room adjoining the bedroom or an area of the bedroom that may be partitioned off specifically with fitted open wardrobes in mind.

Does a walk-in closet add value?

A spacious walk-in closet is becoming a must-have for many homebuyers. … Moreover, the average closet remodel reports a healthy ROI (return on investment). Homeowners can expect to recoup around 56% of their investment, adding roughly $2,000 to their home value.