Based on the true story of Jack Gruener, Prisoner B-3087 lays bare the torture one boy endured for six long years through placement in ten concentration camps, work details, death marches, cattle car train rides, starvation, thirst, and beatings.
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Is yanek Gruener a real person?

Yanek’s story is based on the real Yanek (Jack) Gruener’s experiences during World War II. When the story begins in 1939, Yanek is living with his parents Oskar and Mina in Kraków, Poland when the Nazis invade.

Is Prisoner B-3087 fiction or nonfiction?

Prisoner B-3087: A Novel Based on a true story by Ruth and Jack Gruener is by Alan Gratz. This book is good for middle school students. It is by Scholastic. The book is great and is very realistic.

How old was yanek at the end of the book?

In the historical fiction novel Prisoner B-3087, 10-year-old Yanek Gruener is at the mercy of the Nazis who have taken over Poland.

How did Alan Gratz meet Jack Gruener?

How did you meet Jack? I bet it was an honor for both him and you to have Jack Gruener’s story being told to the public. Jack and his wife Ruth took his story to Scholastic, and they immediately saw that it would make a great book.

What is the message of prisoner b3087?

Theme usually refers to the underlying meaning of a literary work, and one of the most important themes in Prisoner B-3087 is perseverance.

Was Anne Frank sent to Auschwitz?

Sept. 3, 2019 — On 3 September 1944, 75 years ago today, Anne Frank and the seven others who had been living in hiding in the Secret Annex were put on a transport to Auschwitz. Along with over a thousand other Jewish prisoners.

When was Jack Gruener born?

Early Life. Jack Gruener is a Polish World War II Nazi Prisoner Survivor. He survived 10 concentration camps, one ghetto, and two Death Marches. Born in Krakow, Poland in 1927, he was only child when the war started and always relied on his parents.

What college did Alan Gratz go to?

About the Author After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he began a succession of jobs—newsletter writer, high school teacher, university lecturer, bookseller, radio commercial writer, advertising copy writer, middle school teacher, library shelver—all the while working on various writing projects.

What was the first camp Yanek went to?

After a work detail Yanek comes home to see that his family is gone. He goes to the streets looking for them but is kidnaped himself and taken to a train. He later arrives at his first concentration camp. Krakow, Poland – Was where this story starts off and where the main characters home is.

Where is Yanek from?

Yanek Gruener is a Jewish boy in 1930s Poland when the Nazis invade. Everything he has and everyone he loves is brutally taken from him.

Where do Yanek and the other people in his cattle car believe they are going?

Soon after, in winter of 1944, Yanek and other prisoners are loaded into a train car, where they are taken to Birkenau concentration camp. Another prisoner explains that they are going to be taken to the gas chambers. Yanek is distraught, thinking that all his work to survive had been for nothing.

What is Alan Gratz favorite book he wrote?

What’s your favorite book you’ve written? The League of Seven! It’s the kind of book I would have loved when I was in middle school.

Does Alan Gratz kids?

Alan Gratz
Alma mater University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Genre Young Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction
Children Jo Gratz
Relatives John Gratz
How old is yanek?

Freed by the Americans at Dachau, Yanek is a 16-year-old survivor who knows who he is. This is a work of fiction based on the true story of Jack Gruener, the real B-3087.

What did Alan Gratz major in?

Alan was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the 1982 World’s Fair. After a carefree but humid childhood, Alan attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a College Scholars degree with a specialization in creative writing, and, later, a Master’s degree in English education.

What was yanek lucky enough to get at Birkenau concentration camp?

After Yanek arrives at Birkenau in 1944, Yanek explains that he is “lucky to get a pair of wooden shoes that fit.” Without this luck, he would not have been able to survive two subsequent death marches, as he describes how “Those without shoes were the first to fall behind and die.” Again, the chance of getting shoes …

What are some prisoner B 3087 quotes?

  • “Life is but a river. …
  • “Your parents, Oskar and Mina. …
  • “I shook with helplessness and rage, but also with fear. …
  • “It was all a big joke. …
  • “The ceremony was fast so we wouldn’t be caught. …
  • “I had survived the work gangs in the ghetto.
Who found Anne Frank's diary?

How was the diary preserved? After the arrest of the eight people in hiding, helpers Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl found Anne’s writings in the Secret Annex. Miep held on to Anne’s diaries and papers and kept them in a drawer of her desk. She hoped that she would one day be able to return them to Anne.

What was Anne Frank's tattoo number?

Anne is given the tattoo number A-25063. It is only seen when it is given to her and it not seen afterward, not even when her hair is being cut off.

What is Alan Gratz religion?

“But the most surprising thing she discovered about old L.A. Gratz was that he had a secret: He was Jewish, but had abandoned his religion and heritage when he made his new start in America. Family lore has it that learning our ancestors were Jewish is what gave my anti-Semitic grandfather a fatal heart attack.”

How did Alan Gratz become famous?

(born 1972). American author Alan Gratz was best known for writing books for middle-school children and young adults. He also wrote plays, magazine articles, and radio commercials. In 2004–05 Gratz wrote a few episodes of the television documentary series City Confidential.

Who was moonface in prisoner b3087?

Moonface is a kapo (a prisoner in charge of other prisoners) at Bergen-Belsen whose nickname refers to his round face plagued by acne pits and scars. Moonface targets Yanek specifically, beating him whenever he gets the chance.

Where is yanek taken after the mines?

Yanek is now at the Trzebinia concentration camp.

What camps did Jack Gruener attend?

  • Plaszow Concentration Camp 1942-1943.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine 1943-1944.
  • Trezebinia Concentration Camp 1944.
  • Birkenau Concentration Camp 1944-1945.
  • Auschwitz Concentration Camp 1945.
  • Death March 1945.
  • Sachenhausen Concentration Camp 1945.
  • Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp 1945.
Is there a movie based on the book refugee?

Artist, activist and director Ai Weiwei captures the global refugee crisis – the greatest human displacement since World War II – I in this breathtakingly epic film journey HUMAN FLOW.

What happened to yanek's family?

Yanek Gruener is a ten-year-old boy living in Krakow, Poland in 1939. Finally, after many local deportations, Yanek’s parents’ luck runs out; they are taken away and, on the brink of adolescence, Yanek is left to survive on his own. …

What did the kapos do to Yankees friend Fred when he was too sick to work?

What happened to Yanek’s friend Fred when he was too sick to make roll call in the morning? … Because his kapo, Moonface, singled Yanek out among the prisoners and abused him daily.

What did this tattoo symbolize for Yanek?

Yanek’s number, B-3087, represents the erasure of his identity. Yanek receives his number at Birkenau concentration camp (hence the B), and it is tattooed into his skin.

Why did Yanek share his secret of the space with Thomas and Isaac?

They were skin and bones, they breathed through their mouths, and all expession was gone from their eyes. When Uncle Moshe dies, Yanek literally has no family left. One reason Yankek shares the secret of the space under the floorboards is that he had felt guilty when he and Uncle Moshe had blackmarket food.

Is refugee by Alan Gratz part of a series?

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