Project Manual means and includes the Notice To Bidders, Instructions To Bidders, Bid Form, Contractor’s Qualification Statement, Bid Security Deposit, Bid Bond, Addendum or Addenda, Agreement between Owner and Contractor, General Conditions, Supplemental Conditions, Bonds, Certification of Payment Forms, Consent of …
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What are the four primary sections of the project manual?

The four primary sections of a project manual are the bidding documents, the general conditions, the supplemental conditions, and the technical specifications.

How do you write a project manual?

  1. PROJECT OVERVIEW. Summary of Research: In a brief statement describe the research to be performed and the data to be developed. …
Are addenda part of the project manual?

“Although the bidding documents are bound in the project manual, they are not part of the contract documents.” … If we use Ballast statement above, then addenda will NOT be part of the contract documents, or bidding documents, and cannot be binding on the contract as part of on the owner and contract agreement.

What information is contained in the specifications technical specifications of the project manual?

What information is contained in the technical specifications? Technical specifications are the instructions in the written form concerning project requirements. These are relates directly to the construction drawing information. These are describes about the quality of materials to be used and their performance.

What is the purpose of a project manual?

Purpose. A project management manual is intended to guide project managers. But, more importantly, it is to guide project management at all levels of the team, recognizing that each participant has a part in a project’s success.

What are the 3 types of construction specifications?

In every construction project, there are three types of construction specifications. The three types of construction specifications are prescriptive, performance, and proprietary.

What is project Procedure Manual?

The Project Procedure and Execution Manual (PPE Manual) contains the instructions for handling the work on this project in accordance with the terms of the contract. It is not to be construed as a document that in any way adds or detracts from the contract requirements.

Who is responsible for the project manual?

This is the portion of the Project Manual which the ARCHITECT is directly responsible.

What is user manual in project?

A user guide, also commonly known as a user manual, is intended to assist users in using a particular product, service or application. It’s usually written by a technician, product developer, or a company’s customer service staff. … Most user guides contain both a written guide and associated images.

What are the contract documents and why are they so important?

Whereas a good contract document provides clear roadmap to avoid and resolve most of the issues that may occur during the currency of contract, gives control to the parties to contract to handle the issue, avoids imposition of default legal provisions and also the loss of time and efforts to protect the interests of …

Why is it important to bid only from a full set of contract documents?

It is important to bid from a full set of contract documents because it gives authenticity to the project.

Which specification is part of contract document?

Contract Drawings and Specifications Specifications simply amplif the information given in the contract drawings and bill of quantities. It describes in details the work to be executed under the contract and the nature and quality of materials, components, and workmanship.

What are the types of specification?

  • General Specifications. General Specifications are also known as Brief Specifications. …
  • Detailed Specifications. Detailed Specifications shows, in the detailed description, characteristics, quantity, ratio and formation method of the material used in construction work.
What should be included in a building specification?

Specification: A detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials etc., of work done or to be done, prepared by an architect, engineer etc.

What information is contained in the specifications?

Specifications describe the products, materials, and work required by a construction contract. They do not include cost, quantity, or drawn information, and so need to be read alongside other information such as quantities, schedules, and drawings.