Community managers are responsible for a majority of the onsite operations which range from: Facility Management-Ensuring the coworking space is clean, inventory is stocked, the mail is received, and local vendors deliver without disruption.
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How much does a community manager make at WeWork?

The average WeWork Community Manager earns an estimated $72,945 annually. WeWork’s Community Manager compensation is $6,494 more than the US average for a Community Manager.

What is the main focus of a community manager?

Community managers are responsible for building and maintaining a brand’s community — both online and offline — and public perception. The job requires engaging audiences on a variety of outlets including online forums, social media platforms, Slack, in-person groups, and more to reach all audiences where they are.

What qualifications do you need to be a community manager?

Community managers usually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as marketing or communications. Gain experience with marketing, sales or social media. Employers look for community managers who are familiar with marketing strategies, sales techniques and social media management.

What skills does a community manager need?

  • Excellent Organizational Skills. Having above-average organizational skills can really be one of the single most skills that helps a community manager stay ahead of the game. …
  • Ample Curiosity. …
  • Passion and Loyalty. …
  • Oodles of Patience. …
  • Empathetic Understanding.
How much does a community manager Charge?

If you opt to go hourly, newer social media freelancer rates can hover around $15-$50 per hour. For more intermediate social media marketers, they can make $50-100 per hour. And an experienced social media manager can make $120+ or much higher.

Does WeWork pay well?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at WeWork is $124,813, or $60 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $109,408, or $52 per hour. … Salaries contributed from WeWork employees include job titles like Principal Engineer, Lead Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Senior Developer.

Who does a community manager report to?

Community managers typically report to someone at the director level, with only about a third reporting to a vice president or higher. Despite the manager title, most community managers don’t manage anyone.

What does a community manager do on Facebook?

A community manager is an admin of your page who is responsible for managing the page and making sure it’s running smoothly. If you have multiple admins on your page, the community manager is ultimately responsible for managing them as well.

Why you need a community manager?

A community manager is a self-starter, because they proactively reach out and build relationships with users online. … It is a community manager’s job to know a company’s audience deeply, to foster loyalty and develop new relationships to ensure continued growth. Make sure your candidate has the skills to do so.

Is a community manager a good job?

A community manager role may be a great fit if you enjoy engaging with others online or in-person at live events. It is also a position that is increasing in demand as more companies recognize the benefits of social media and community development.

How much do online community managers make?

The base salary for Online Community Manager ranges from $52,695 to $61,253 with the average base salary of $56,620. The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $54,700 to $64,483 with the average total cash compensation of $60,214.

How do you interview a community manager?

  1. Why do you think you are a great fit for this position?
  2. What motivates you to do your job well?
  3. What are you looking for in a work environment?
  4. Can you tell me about a time you dealt with a concern or complaint on social media?
How can I be a better community manager?

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan. …
  2. Work on Your Communication Skills. …
  3. Cultivate a Brand Personality. …
  4. Define Success and Set Metrics to Track It. …
  5. Include Your Audience in the Conversation. …
  6. Collect and Use Data. …
  7. Be Flexible With Your Time. …
  8. Be Tech-Savvy.
What is the difference between community manager and social media manager?

The key difference between roles is how they interact with audiences. A social media manager acts as the brand to promote the brand’s products, while the community manager acts as an average user to encourage audience engagement and provide support. A community manager’s goals are usually broad and long term.

How do social media managers get paid?

A social media manager, sometimes referred to as a social media director, earns money online from the clients and businesses they serve. If they work for a company, they’ll typically earn a salary. If they’re self-employed, they likely charge an hourly, monthly, or per-project rate.

Do you need a degree to be a social media manager?

Although not all social media manager positions require a college degree, many employers prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. The best programs for this career path include business, marketing, advertising, public relations and general communications degrees.

What does a community associate do?

As a community associate, your job consists of managing projects, developing effective outreach campaigns to increase awareness of a brand, service, or product, and tracking member engagement. You may also help create engaging content and products.

Does WeWork have a dress code?

WeWork is an extremely young company and has so much potential to grow, as it is constantly growing. You’ll meet a ton of great people whom you can connect with and build relationships. Salary appears to be above average for the type of work you do. No dress code.

How much does a community associate make at WeWork?

Average WeWork Community Associate yearly pay in the United States is approximately $33,427, which is 33% below the national average. Salary information comes from 25 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

What does community management include?

Community management is the process of building an authentic community among a business’s customers, employees, and partners through various types of interaction. It’s how a brand uses opportunities (in person and online) to interact with their audience to create a network in which they can connect, share, and grow.

What is the meaning of community manager?

Meaning of community manager in English someone whose job is to make sure that a brand (= a product or company) has a positive image and good relationships with its customers or followers on social media: As a community manager, you have to be an expert and an evangelist for your brand.

What does a freelance community manager do?

Freelance social media managers are most commonly tasked with planning and executing social media strategies for several different clients.

How much does a Facebook community manager make?

Annual SalaryHourly WageTop Earners$86,513$4275th Percentile$64,393$31Average$56,421$2725th Percentile$41,290$20

How do you make someone a community manager?

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Navigate to the Live Dashboard.
  3. Select Tools & Settings.
  4. Select Moderator Dashboard (scroll down).
  5. Select Add Community Manager.
What are the key indicators that a community manager is doing a good job?

Show empathy, stay knowledgeable, prove to be genuine, be timely in your responses,” Perras said. “These and other skills are key to developing meaningful connections with your community members.” Good community managers have a hand in everything from market research to brand development, Perras said.

What is a community manager in coworking space?

Any coworking space can offer amenities and good deals, but the community manager is the one who makes customers feel welcome and at ease. A community manager is the person responsible for managing, improving, and leveraging relationships within a coworking space.

How do you answer the question what does community mean to you?

Interview Answer Community is a place that all members feel included, welcomed and safe. A strong community knows all of its members, and values each for what they can offer. Creating and maintaining a community takes effort from everyone’s engagement and supports and values each aspect that helped comprise it.

What are the most common interview questions?

  1. “Tell me a little about yourself.” …
  2. “What are your biggest weaknesses?” …
  3. “What are your biggest strengths?” …
  4. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” …
  5. “Out of all the candidates, why should we hire you?” …
  6. “How did you learn about the opening?” …
  7. “Why do you want this job?”
Why do you think you are a great fit for this position?

‘Why are you a good fit for this position?’ The skills and qualifications I possess are a great match for the requirements for this position. In particular, my communication and leadership skills make me a great candidate for the job. … I am committed to learning any new skills on my own to succeed in this role.

How do you become a crypto community manager?

  1. Moderate community channels (Discord, Telegram)
  2. Share content to social media.
  3. Create video tutorials.
  4. Educate the community.
  5. Curate ideas for growth.
  6. Broaden our community.
  7. Invite friends/family.
  8. Collect feedback (UI/UX, Website, Social Media…)