Axillary: Pertaining to the armpit, the cavity beneath the junction of the arm and the body.
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What does axillary mean in biology?

Axillary means “related to the axilla (armpit)” or “related to the leaf axils”.

What is axillary in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (AK-sih-LAYR-ee) Pertaining to the armpit area, including the lymph nodes that are located there.

What is the common term for axillary?

Your armpit is the area underneath your upper arm, where it connects to your shoulder. … Another common word for armpit is “underarm,” while the official anatomical term is axilla.

What is the root word of axillary?

“pertaining to the armpit or shoulder,” 1610s, from Latin *axillaris, from axilla “armpit, upper arm, underpart of an upper wing” (see axle).

What is axillary lymph nodes?

Listen to pronunciation. (AK-sih-LAYR-ee limf node) A lymph node in the armpit region that drains lymph from the breast and nearby areas.

What is the meaning of axillary buds?

noun Botany. a bud that is borne at the axil of a leaf and is capable of developing into a branch shoot or flower cluster.

What is a thoracic in medical terms?

Thoracic: Pertaining to the chest. For example, the thoracic aorta is the part of the aorta that lies within the chest.

What is the meaning of axillary in Marathi?

axilla – Meaning in Marathi. संस्कृतम्

What is the meaning of in medical term?

In Medical Term Prefix with Mnemonic in- means: not.

What is right axillary region?

The axillary region is the area between the superior portion of the upper limb and the thorax. … The axilla allows the passage of several muscles, blood vessels such as the axillary artery and vein, and crucial nerves like the brachial plexus.

Is the axillary anterior or posterior?

The axillary apex is the interval between the superior border of the scapula, the posterior border of the clavicle, and the external border of the first rib. The pectoralis major and the latissimus dorsi form the major anterior and posterior folds, respectively, of the axilla.

What is the difference between axillary and axilla?

Artery axillary artery
Vein axillary vein
Where is the axillary vein?

Location. The axillary vein arises at the lower border of the axilla, just beneath the teres major shoulder muscle, near where the underarm meets the body.

Where is the axillary nerve?

The axillary nerve derives from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus with the radial nerve, and lies in close proximity to the surgical neck of the humerus. The major branches of the axillary nerve include the lateral cutaneous nerve of the arm and motor branches to the deltoid and teres minor muscles (C5–C6).

What is an axillary mass?

The most commonly reported palpable axillary masses are metastatic lymph nodes associated with breast cancer. 4. However, because the axilla contains various tissues, the differential diagnosis of an axillary mass includes axillary parenchymal lesions as well as lymph nodes.

What is axillary nodes in breast?

When these filter points are in the armpit, doctors call them axillary lymph nodes. As axillary lymph nodes are near the breasts, they are often the first location to which breast cancer spreads if it moves beyond the breast tissue.

What is axillary breast tissue?

Axillary breast tissue is more than an extra pad of fat. It is actual glandular breast tissue. This is particularly common in the area of your armpits, which is also known as the axilla. Medical studies have shown that this kind of axillary breast tissue can occur in anywhere from 2% to 6% of women.

What is axillary bud Class 11?

The axillary buds are responsible for the production of both reproductive shoots that are flowers, and vegetative shoots that are branches and stems. After their transformation into a bud, they will remain dormant for a period of time or may immediately form the shoot.

What are lateral buds?

Definition of lateral bud : a bud that develops in the axil between a petiole and a stem.

What is terminal and axillary bud?

The terminal bud arises from the tip of the stem and axillary buds arise from the leaf node of the stem. Hence both the terminal and axillary buds arise from the apex (apical meristem).

What is the meaning of thoracic region?

Thoracic is a medical word for things pertaining to the thorax area of your body: your chest. … The thorax is your chest: the area between your neck and abdomen. Therefore, this area is the thoracic region, and that word can be used for issues dealing with this area.

Where is the thoracic?

The thoracic spine is the longest region of the spine, and by some measures it is also the most complex. Connecting with the cervical spine above and the lumbar spine below, the thoracic spine runs from the base of the neck down to the abdomen. It is the only spinal region attached to the rib cage.

What does sternal mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of sternal : of or relating to the sternum.

What is prefix in medical terminology?

Prefix: A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Pre means “before.” Prefixes may also indicate a location, number, or time.

What does prefix mean in medical terminology?

Prefix: When included, the prefix appears at the beginning of a medical term and usually indicates a location, direction, type, quality, or quantity. Root: The root gives a term its essential meaning. Nearly all medical terms contain at least one root. When a prefix is absent, the term begins with a root.

What are the medical terminologies?

  • Abrasion: A cut or scrape that typically isn’t serious.
  • Abscess: A tender, fluid-filled pocket that forms in tissue, usually due to infection.
  • Acute: Signifies a condition that begins abruptly and is sometimes severe, but the duration is short.
  • Benign: Not cancerous.
What is the cranial border of the axillary level I area?

cranial border of level I begins at the top of the axillary artery when it crosses the lateral border of the pectoralis minor muscle, including the clips and seroma if present, and avoiding the humeral vessels (Fig. 3C).

What is in the axillary sheath?

The axillary sheath is a fibrous sheath that encloses the axillary artery and the three cords of the brachial plexus to form the neurovascular bundle. It is surrounded by the axillary fat. … A brachial plexus nerve block can be achieved by injecting anaesthetic into this area.

What is axillary pain?

Your armpit is a sensitive area containing nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. So it’s not uncommon to experience discomfort and pain in the left armpit. This pain can range from mild to severe and is often the result of an infection, inflammation, or irritation.

Is the axilla a muscle?

As usually defined, the axilla is bordered by the fascial coverings of the following muscles: the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor anteriorly; the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and subscapularis posteriorly; the chest wall and serratus anterior medially; and the coracobrachialis and biceps laterally.

What are the boundaries and contents of the axilla?

There are five anatomic borders of the axilla: the superior, anterior, posterior, lateral, and medial walls[1]. The medial wall is the serratus anterior and the first four ribs. The humerus, the coracobrachialis, and the short head of the biceps form the lateral wall.

Where is the axillary pulse?

Axillary arteryFMA22654Anatomical terminology

What is axillary temperature?

An axillary (AK-sih-lar-e) temperature (TEM-per-ah-chur) is when your armpit (axilla) is used to check your temperature. … An axillary temperature is lower than one taken in your mouth, rectum, or your ear. This is because the thermometer is not inside your body such as under your tongue.

How do you use axillary in a sentence?

He also had an axillary abscess that was duly drained. History of axillary or elbow lymphadenopathy and malaise were present in two cases. During days 0-3 general symptoms were noted : axillary temperature, severe headache, discomfort, fatigue, nausea and vomiting and others.

How do you say Branchial?

  1. Phonetic spelling of branchial. bran-chial. …
  2. Meanings for branchial. It is a word, that is related to gills.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. This leaf-footed suborder has the appendages which follow the second maxillae variable in number, but all foliaceous and branchial. …
  4. Translations of branchial. Italian : branchiali.