The author tells Enrique’s Journey in third person point of view. Mostly this is from Enrique’s perspective, but the author also tells the story through other characters sometimes. This style allows the reader to see more of what’s happening in the story.
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What is the point of view in Enrique's Journey?

The author tells Enrique’s Journey in third person point of view. Mostly this is from Enrique’s perspective, but the author also tells the story through other characters sometimes. This style allows the reader to see more of what’s happening in the story.

Why is Enrique mad at Lourdes?

For long period of time Enrique was been separated, he was angry to Lourdes. Every phone conversations he kept telling his mother to just come home. … One of the reason why Lourdes and Enrique are in bad term, It is because her son feels that she isn’t his mother. Lourdes having a difficult time find a job.

What is Enrique's mother's name?

Summary. When Enrique was five years old, his mother, Lourdes, decided to move to the United States from Honduras in order to support her two children financially.

Who is Lourdes to Enrique?

Lourdes is Enrique, Belky, and Diana’s mother. Leaving her children in Honduras is an extremely difficult decision for her, but she does so in order to support them by sending back money. When she arrives in the U.S., she struggles to have a steady job and find a good partner.

Why should I read Enrique's Journey?

This is a story she tells of this boy, Enrique who goes to find his mother, who left him when he was 5 years old to go to America. It’s a painful read at times. It’s also a beautiful story of hope and and courage and determination and overcoming terrible odds.

Why was Enrique's Journey written?

With a newspaper series called “Orphans of Addiction,” I was writing about the one in five children in America who grow up with a parent addicted to alcohol or drugs. I told that story through three children, showing in intimate detail what their lives were like.

How does Maria Isabel react to Enrique leaving her?

Maria Isabel is Enrique’s girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Jasmin. She loves Enrique and is devastated when he decides to leave in search of his mother.

Why does Enriques family move to Florida?

It becomes harder to decide what move would be best for her family. Lourdes and the family move to Florida in search of better work. There, the men get painting jobs and the women work as maids. Lourdes begins to enjoy her life, spending time with her boyfriend and her daughter Diana.

How has belky answered Don Francisco's question with her actions?

Belky boards the plane from her visit in the states back to Honduras, back to her son, thus proving that Don Franciscos question of whether being separated from her mother was worth it. Mother of Belky, Enrique, and Diana.

Who is Enrique's uncle?

Uncle Marco gives Enrique a daily allowance, buys him clothes and sends him to a private military school.

Who is belky Enriques Journey?

Belky is Enrique’s older sister. Left by her mother when she was already an adolescent, she struggles to understand her abandonment. She focuses on school and does not attempt to find her mother alone, as Enrique does. Luis, Enrique’s father, takes Enrique in after his grandmother kicks him out of the house.

How old was Enrique when he found his mom?

After difficult stays with other relatives, Enrique sets out to find his mother. He is 16 years old when he makes the first of seven failed attempts to get through Mexico in the hopes of crossing the border into the United States.

What do Maria Isabel and Enrique name their daughter?

Maria Isabel is pregnant, as he suspected before he left. On Nov. 2, 2000, she gives birth to their daughter. She and Enrique name the baby Katherine Jasmin.

Does Enrique marry Maria Isabel?

Enrique finally married María Isabel Carias Durón, and they have two children, Katerin Jasmín, age 14, and Daniel Enrique, age 2.

Why did Lourdes go to the United States?

Despite her plans, Lourdes never returns to Honduras. For Lourdes, as for the many other mothers like her, leaving her family to come to the US is a decision she makes out of love, in the interest of her children. And yet, she cannot help but feel guilty for abandoning them.

What dangers does Enrique face on his journey?

Enrique’s Journey tells the story of one teenage boy from Honduras who risks his life to escape poverty, drugs, and gang violence in order to reunite with his mother, who left when he was five years old to seek employment in the United States.

What grade level is Enrique's Journey?

ATOS Book Level:5.6Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)AR Points:12.0Rating:Not yet rated.Word Count:79609

Which narrative technique does the author include in this excerpt?

The author uses the narrative technique of characterization in this excerpt. How does this technique support her purpose?

How many children like Enrique make the journey to the United States?

Virtually unnoticed, he will become one of an estimated 48,000 children who enter the United States from Central America and Mexico each year, illegally and without either of their parents. Roughly two-thirds of them will make it past the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Many go north seeking work.

What inspired Sonia Nazario to write?

Sonia Nazario discusses what inspired her to write Enrique’s Journey and what drives so many South American women to leave their children for many years in order to find work in the USA. What inspired you to take on the story of Enrique’s Journey? A woman, Carmen, who would come and clean my house twice a month.

What obstacles does Lourdes face?

Lourdes obstacle is a human rights issue because she is leaving and trying to America for a better life that is what immigration means. Belky is not having a human rights issue obstacle because she is not immigration she is in her same town.

Why does Maria Isabel make plans to go north to search for Enrique?

A Decision Back in Honduras, Enrique’s girlfriend, María Isabel, who suspects that she is pregnant with Enrique’s child, makes plans to go north with a friend to search for him. Her strict mother, Eva, gets wind of what she is preparing to do and forces María Isabel to abandon her plans.

Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and had many abandonment issues. Furthermore, a beloved uncle dies, and this causes him a lot of troubled. He even turns to drugs in search of comfort. … The gifts are accepted by Enrique and Belky, but they would never be enough compared to their mother’s presence.

Who is the Spanish television personality that invites Lourdes and Enrique to appear on his show?

Soon after Belky gives birth to a son, Spanish television personality Don Francisco invites Lourdes and Enrique to appear on his show to talk about their struggles.

What is Enrique's nickname in Nuevo Laredo?

Each time he tried to cross, he says, he went alone. Enrique listens. They call him El Hongo, the mushroom, because he is quiet, soaking everything in.

Who is Olga and what does she teach Enrique?

Olga Sánchez Martínez runs a new refugee center in southern Mexico to help Central American women and children fleeing violence in their home countries. For nearly two decades she has also operated another shelter for migrants harmed by Mexico’s freight train, La Bestia, ministering to those left without arms or legs.

Where is Enrique from Enriques Journey?

It is the true story of Enrique, a teenager from Honduras, who sets out on a journey, braving hardship and peril, to find his mother, who had no choice but to leave him when he was a child and go to the United States in search of work.

Where does Enrique find his mother?

Enrique’s Journey Summary. At the age of five, Enrique watches his mother, Lourdes, leave their doorstep in Honduras.

How does Enrique change throughout the story?

As he grows up, he becomes more and more intent on reuniting with his mother. On his journey, he shows emotional and physical strength that will help him when he arrives in the United States. Rebuilding his relationship with his mother proves difficult, but he persists.

Who are Enrique's parents?

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