The Image Wisely campaign is creating a Web site that will target each of the major stakeholders in imaging: imaging professionals (comprising radiologists, other practitioners who use medical imaging, medical physicists, and radiologic technologists), referring practitioners, and patients and the public.
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What is Image Gently Image Wisely?

Image Gently, initially launched in January 2008, is a campaign led by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging to increase awareness of protecting children from excessive radiation during radiology imaging.

What is image gently?

The Image Gently Alliance is a coalition of health care organizations dedicated to providing safe, high quality pediatric imaging worldwide. The primary objective of the Alliance is to raise awareness in the imaging community of the need to adjust radiation dose when imaging children.

Why is image gently important?

Clearly, diagnostic imaging is an important and necessary tool for certain medical care. Image Gently advocates methods to reduce the use of unnecessary ionizing radiation by sharing best practices of imaging protocols for children and using alternative imaging that avoids ionizing radiation.

What are the goals of the Image Gently campaign and the Image Wisely campaign?

Since that time, the Image Gently Alliance, which focuses on children, and the Image Wisely campaign, which focuses on adult patients, have made significant inroads into the education of radiologists, technologists, referring physicians and the public, with a goal of decreasing unnecessary radiation exposure by

What is the blurred margin of an image called?

–The blurred margin at the edge of objects produced by a finite focal spot is called a penumbra. –The penumbra is the result of x-rays arriving from slightly different locations in the focal spot. –The resultant loss of sharpness is called focal spot blur or geometric unsharpness.

Which modality was the initial focus of the Image Gently campaign?

The Image Gently campaign has created, or is planning to create, educational and advocacy information for each ionizing radiation modality (CT scan, fluoroscopy, radiography, nuclear medicine, and interventional radiology), beginning with CT scans.

When did Image Gently start?

The Image Gently campaign was launched in 2008 to raise awareness about methods to reduce radiation dose during pediatric medical imaging exams.

What is diagnostic reference level?

DRL as a level used in medical imaging to indicate whether, in routine conditions, the dose to the patient or the amount of radiopharmaceuticals administered in a specified radiological procedure for medical imaging is unusually high or unusually low for that procedure.

Which patient advocacy group promotes safe and effective imaging care of children worldwide?

The mission of the Image Gently Alliance is, through advocacy, to improve safe and effective imaging care of children worldwide.

What is the campaign dedicated to radiation safety of children?

The image gently campaign Initiated by a group of paediatric radiologists in 2007, Image Gently is an educational, awareness and advocacy campaign of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging.

What is image latitude?

Radiographic film has a somewhat limited dynamic range which is generally referred to as the film latitude. The latitude (or dynamic range) is the range of receptor exposures over which an image and contrast will be formed.

What is penumbra effect?

The penumbra is the lighter outer part of a shadow. The Moon’s penumbra causes partial solar eclipses, and the Earth’s penumbra is involved in penumbral lunar eclipses. … Like any other opaque objects illuminated by a light source, the Moon and the Earth cast shadows into space as they block the sunlight that hits them.

What is the penumbra effect *?

In pathology and anatomy the penumbra is the area surrounding an ischemic event such as thrombotic or embolic stroke. Immediately following the event, blood flow and therefore oxygen transport is reduced locally, leading to hypoxia of the cells near the location of the original insult.

How can you prevent radiation?

  1. Keeping the time of exposure to a minimum,
  2. Maintaining distance from the source,
  3. When appropriate, placing a shield between yourself and the source, and.
  4. Protecting yourself against radioactive contamination by using proper protective clothing.
Why is a radiographic film coated on both sides?

Putting emulsion on both sides of the base doubles the amount of radiation-sensitive silver halide, and thus increases the film speed. The emulsion layers are thin enough so developing, fixing, and drying can be accomplished in a reasonable time.

What is DLP in CT scan?

In CT, the total amount of radiation incident on the patient, known as the DLP, is the product of the CTDIvol and scan length (in centimeters) and is measured in milligray-centimeters.

What is DRL in radiology?

Vassileva, ICDA-3 2019, Lisbon Diagnostic Reference Level (DRL) “A level used in medical imaging to indicate whether, in routine conditions, the dose to the patient or the amount of radiopharmaceuticals administered in a specified radiological procedure for medical imaging is unusually high or unusually low for that …

What is DAP measured in?

The DAP is a surrogate measurement for the total amount of X-ray energy delivered to the patient, and reflects the dose within the radiation field and area of tissue irradiated. DAP is measured in centi-Gray centimeter squared (cGy × cm2).

How can I support my parents?

  1. Be reliable, and follow through with your commitments to parents. …
  2. Try not to make assumptions about what parents ‘need to know’. …
  3. Listen to parents carefully when they ask questions. …
  4. Provide support without judging.
Why family Centred care is important?

Research has highlighted the following benefits of family-centred care: Improved healthcare decision-making, based on better information and collaboration between professionals and families. … Greater parent confidence, parental satisfaction, parent personal control and family empowerment.

Why is it important to include family in patient care?

Family has a significant role in hospital treatment of patients, since it can provide effective psychological and emotional support to patients undergoing treatment to hospital. … This can make them capable of providing effective psychological support to their patient.

How can you reduce radiation in your home?

  1. Disable Wireless Functions. Wireless devices — including routers, printers, tablets, and laptops — all emit a Wi-Fi signal. …
  2. Replace Wireless With Wired Devices. …
  3. Keep EMF Sources at a Distance. …
  4. Use Your Smartphone Safely. …
  5. Prioritize Sleeping Areas.
What are some natural sources of radiation?

The composition of the earth’s crust is a major source of natural radiation. The main contributors are natural deposits of uranium, potassium and thorium which, in the process of natural decay, release small amounts of ionizing radiation.

What has radiation in my house?

  • Americium in Ionization Smoke Detectors.
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation Used in Microwave Ovens.
  • Natural Radionuclides in Private Wells.
  • Natural Radionuclides in Public Drinking Water.
  • Radon in Homes, Schools and Buildings.
What is contrast of image?

The term contrast refers to the amount of color or grayscale differentiation that exists between various image features in both analog and digital images. Images having a higher contrast level generally display a greater degree of color or grayscale variation than those of lower contrast.

What is radiographic sharpness?

Radiographic sharpness means the distinctness or perceptibility of the boundary or edge of the structure in a mammogram.

What is an image receptor?

Image receptor means any device, such as a fluorescent screen or radiographic film, which transforms incident X-ray photons either into a visible image or into another form which can be made into a visible image by further transformations.

What is radiographic penumbra?

the part of a shadow in which there is a small amount of illumination from a light source. 2. blurring at the edges of a structure on a radiograph.

Why does the penumbra form?

A “penumbra” is that region around the umbra where the shadow is only partial, or imperfect. You get these when the light source is larger than a single point. These form because while some of the light from the source gets blocked by the shadowing object, not all of it does.

What is the difference between penumbra and umbra?

(ii) Umbra is the dark part while penumbra is the lighter part. ”Umbra” is similarly defined as shade while penumbra means partial shade. … When a partial lunar eclipse occurs, the umbra merely covers a part of the moon. The outer shadow of the earth falls on the moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Why is ischemic penumbra important?

The ischemic penumbra was initially defined by Symon, Lassen and colleagues in the 1970s as an area of brain tissue with inadequate blood flow to maintain electric activity of neurons but adequate blood flow to preserve the function of the ion channels. This area of tissue, receiving enough blood to survive …

What is penumbra neuro?

The Penumbra System® is a fully-integrated system designed specifically for mechanical thrombectomy, first receiving 510(k) clearance by the FDA in December 2007. It is intended for use in the revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to intracranial large vessel occlusions.

What is the penumbra of the brain?

Simply stated, the penumbra is the part of the brain that is sandwiched between brain regions committed to die and those that receive enough blood to communicate. Therefore, it is ischemic brain tissue that has just enough energy to survive for a short time but not enough to communicate and function.