NetScaler VPX is a software-based virtual appliance providing the comprehensive NetScaler feature set. As an easy-to-deploy application delivery solution that runs on multiple virtualization platforms, NetScaler VPX can be deployed on demand, anywhere in the datacenter, using off-the-shelf standard servers.
What is netspend all access by metabank? why did i get a netspend all-access card.

Is NetScaler part of Citrix?

The NetScaler line of products are part of Citrix Systems’ networking business. It includes NetScaler ADCs, NetScaler Unified Gateway, NetScaler AppFirewall, NetScaler SD-WAN, and NetScaler Management & Analytics System.

What is Citrix ADC vs NetScaler?

Citrix NetScaler refers to their Application Delivery Controller, or ADC, line of products, while the NetScaler Gateway, formerly known as the Citrix Access Gateway, or CAG, is primarily used for secure remote access to XenDesktop and/or XenApp environments.

What is a NetScaler load balancer?

Introduction to Citrix NetScaler Load Balancer In large, Unified Intelligence Center deployments, the Citrix NetScaler 1000v (Load Balancer) is used to load balance Unified Intelligence Center HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

What is a VPX server?

Citrix ADC VPX provides a complete web and application load balancing, secure and remote access, acceleration, security and offload feature set in a simple, easy-to-install virtual appliance. … Deploying applications can be time consuming, complex and costly.

Is NetScaler a reverse proxy?

Citrix NetScaler can help companies arrange this using the reverse proxy methodology. Citrix NetScaler will be the proxy between the Internet and the company network. So basically, the servers can be in the LAN network and Citrix NetScaler will be placed in the DMZ zone. This will perform a secure connection.

What is NetScaler MPX?

Citrix NetScaler MPX appliance is a high performance, hardware-based solution that provides industry-leading web application delivery and load balancing, as well as enabling a full service delivery fabric that spans enterprise datacenters and cloud infrastructures to make applications and cloud services run five times …

What is Citrix ADC vpx freemium?

Networking VPX Express is a free, software application delivery controller for app acceleration, availability, and security.

What is NetScaler AAA?

🙂 But in NetScaler technology term, this AAA feature is about allowing NetScaler to manage access controls vs. an admin managing controls of access separately for each app. … NetScaler AAA supports authentication, authorization, and auditing for all app traffic that is going through NetScaler.

Why NetScaler is used?

Citrix NetScaler is an ADC system from Citrix that provides Level 4 load balancing to deliver better performance for apps and services. It optimizes, secures, and controls the delivery of applications, providing the required flexibility for businesses to improve performance and continuity.

What is electrical load balancing?

Load balancing, load matching, or daily peak demand reserve refers to the use of various techniques by electrical power stations to store excess electrical power during low demand periods for release as demand rises.

What is Citrix LB?

Load balancing is defined as the methodical and efficient distribution of network or application traffic across multiple servers in a server farm. Each load balancer sits between client devices and backend servers, receiving and then distributing incoming requests to any available server capable of fulfilling them.

What is Citrix NetScaler SDX?

NetScaler SDX is a hardware-based Application Delivery Appliance for enterprise and cloud datacenters. It supports hosting of multiple NetScaler instances on a single hardware and can thus be used for the purpose of Multi-tenancy.

What is Citrix CPX?

Citrix ADC CPX is a container-based application delivery controller that can be provisioned on a Docker host. CPX allows you to: Leverage Docker engine capabilities and Citrix ADC load balancing and traffic management features for container-based applications.

What is Citrix ADM?

Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) is a centralized management solution. … You can use ADM to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure from a single, unified console.

What is https reverse proxy?

A reverse proxy is a server that sits in front of web servers and forwards client (e.g. web browser) requests to those web servers. Reverse proxies are typically implemented to help increase security, performance, and reliability.

What is Citrix reverse proxy?

A reverse proxy resides in front of one or more Web servers and shields the origin server from client requests. Often, a reverse proxy cache is a front-end for all client requests to a server. … You can deploy reverse proxy cache redirection at the origin-server side or at the edge of a network.

What is ADC MPX?

Citrix ADC MPX is a physical appliance that provides powerful hardware-based application delivery and load balancing with options for high performance web application security and SSL offload support.

Is NetScaler a firewall?

Citrix® NetScaler Application Firewall™ is a comprehensive ICSA certified web application security solution that blocks known and unknown attacks against web and web services applications. … NetScaler Application Firewall is also available as a stand- alone solution on seven NetScaler MPX appliances.

How does Citrix Gslb work?

GSLB Configuration Overview GSLB resolves a DNS query into an IP address, and returns the IP address in the DNS response. … GSLB Sites are also the IP address endpoints for Citrix ADC’s proprietary Metric Exchange Protocol (MEP), which is used by GSLB to transmit proximity, persistence, and monitoring information.

How do I allocate NetScaler VPX licenses?

  1. Login to MyAccount ( ).
  2. Select Manage licenses.
  3. Select Quick find: All active to see all licenses.
  4. Select the licenses you want to allocate.
  5. From the Select an action menu, choose Allocate licenses.
  6. Enter the MAC address of the ADC VPX.
How do I get my NetScaler VPX trial license?

  1. Download the NetScaler VPX Appliance and obtain the MAC address.
  2. Download the Platinum Trial License from and activate the appliance.
  3. Upload the license file into the appliance.
How do I license my NetScaler MPX?

  1. In a web browser, type the IP address of Citrix SDX/MPX appliance.
  2. Type administrator credentials (username/password).
  3. On Configuration tab, navigate to System > Licenses – Manage Licenses.
  4. Select Upload License Files.
  5. Click Browse.
How does AAA authentication work?

Authentication. … The AAA server compares a user’s authentication credentials with other user credentials stored in a database; in this case, that database is Active Directory. If the user’s login credentials match, the user is granted access to the network.

How much does NetScaler cost?

Citrix NetScaler MPX‑5550 Enterprise EditionNGINX Plus (Dell R220)CostHardware$24,000$1,1008×5 Support$3,360$2,500Total Cost (Year 1)$27,360$3,600 (87% savings)

What happens if load is unbalanced?

Balancing electrical loads is an important part of laying out the circuits in a household wiring system. … An unbalanced load occurs when there is significantly more power drawn on one side of the panel than the other. This can lead to overheating of electrical components and possibly overloading the panel.

Can smart meter be used for electrical load balancing?

A three phase load balance system has been designed for home smart meter. The principal work of this system is based on measure the current of the three-phase lines, and then adjusts the distributed current by replacing the load of some power outlets.

What is 3phase load balancing?

Three-phase load balancing occurs when the loads of power supplies, such as a three-phase rack PDU, are spread evenly across all three phases (L1/L2, L2/L3, and L3/L1). It can be achieved by having an equal number of devices plugged into PDU outlets for each phase and drawing an equal power load on each phase.

What is a load balancer AWS?

A load balancer distributes incoming application traffic across multiple EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones. This increases the fault tolerance of your applications. Elastic Load Balancing detects unhealthy instances and routes traffic only to healthy instances.

How do I create a VIP in NetScaler?

  1. Create a virtual server by choosing Configuration > Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Virtual Servers.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give the virtual server a name.
  4. Set the protocol to HTTP .
  5. Specify the IP address, which should be the VIP that NetScaler presents to the outside world.
  6. Set the port to 80 .
What is a load balancer Kubernetes?

The Kubernetes load balancer sends connections to the first server in the pool until it is at capacity, and then sends new connections to the next available server. This algorithm is ideal where virtual machines incur a cost, such as in hosted environments.

What is SDX server?

For SDX to make available indexing, search and display services for XML documents, a Web server, a servlet engine and SDX must be launched and configured correctly in order to answer requests. The execution of such an environment is called an SDX server, which is an instance of a working server.

What is Citrix ADC Gateway?

Citrix Gateway provides users with secure access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops applications. … Citrix ADC is an application delivery controller that analyses application-specific traffic to distribute, optimize, and secure Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic intelligently for web applications.

What is Citrix BLX?

Citrix ADC BLX appliance is a software form-factor of Citrix ADC. It is designed to run natively on bare-metal-Linux on commercial off-the-shelf servers (COTS). Following are the benefits of using a Citrix ADC BLX appliance: Cloud-ready. Citrix ADC BLX provides day-zero support for running on cloud.