A Project Object Model or POM is the fundamental unit of work in Maven. It is an XML file that contains information about the project and configuration details used by Maven to build the project. … Other information such as the project version, description, developers, mailing lists and such can also be specified.
What is POM material? pom material equivalent.

How do you explain Pom?

Page Object Model, also known as POM, is a design pattern in Selenium that creates an object repository for storing all web elements. It is useful in reducing code duplication and improves test case maintenance. In Page Object Model, consider each web page of an application as a class file.

How do you explain poms in an interview?

POM stands for Page Object Model. It is a design pattern for creating an Object Repository for web UI elements. Every single web page in the application must have its own corresponding page class, which is in charge of searching the WebElements in that page and then execute operations on them.

What is POM in automation?

Page Object Model (POM) is a design pattern, popularly used in test automation that creates Object Repository for web UI elements. The advantage of the model is that it reduces code duplication and improves test maintenance.

What are the advantages of pom?

  • It makes ease in maintaining the code (flow in the UI is separated from verification)
  • Makes code readable (Methods get more realistic names)
  • Makes the code reusable (object repository is independent of test cases)
  • The Code becomes less and optimised.
What is POM in Maven?

A Project Object Model or POM is the fundamental unit of work in Maven. It is an XML file that contains information about the project and configuration details used by Maven to build the project. … Other information such as the project version, description, developers, mailing lists and such can also be specified.

What is the difference between POM and page factory?

S.No. POM PageFactory
4. ‘By’ annotation is used to define page objects. It uses annotation ‘FindBy’ to describe page objects.
How do I explain my project in interview?

  1. Project Introduction: …
  2. Modules description: …
  3. Advantages and the main functionality of your application: …
  4. Tools, Technologies, and Platform used: …
  5. Personal contribution and your role in the project: …
  6. Challenges in the project: …
  7. The number of people in the project:
How do you explain test project in interview?

Explain in this way: Start by what role you played? What did you test? Which testing you performed? Which tools were being used for test case/test script designing and test case/script execution?

What are the interview questions for selenium?

  • What is Selenium? …
  • What are the different Selenium suite Components? …
  • Why should I use Selenium? …
  • What is the major difference between Selenium 3.0 and Selenium 2.0? …
  • What do you mean by Selenese? …
  • How many parameters do selenium commands have at a minimum?
What is POM XML for selenium?

The first step in establishing our Java project is the creation of a Maven Project Object Model (POM) file. This is an XML document that defines how our code will be built, what additional dependencies it has access to, and how tests are run.

What is Maven in selenium guru99?

Maven is an automation and management tool developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is written in Java Language to build projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala, and other languages. It allows developers to create projects, dependency, and documentation using Project Object Model and plugins. … Maven Architecture.

How do you handle Staleelementreferenceexception?

  1. Solution 1: Refreshing the web page.
  2. Solution 2: Using Try Catch Block.
  3. Solution 3: Using ExpectedConditions. refreshed.
  4. Solution 4: Using POM.
What is POM disadvantage?

Disadvantages of POM All locators should be kept in page class file. And this abstraction leads to some chaos within the Page Class file.

Is selectAllOptions () is a valid command?

Q: In webdriver, selectAllOptions() is a valid command.

What is the drawback of the POM model?

Challenges of POM If there is an application with hundreds or thousands of web pages than the time and the effort in the development of automation framework will be high. The cost increases when maintenance overhead increases which are due to the maintenance of large class as they break the OO design principle.

What is groupId and artifactId?

The groupId is a parameter indicating the group or individual that created a project, which is often a reversed company domain name. The artifactId is the base package name used in the project, and we use the standard archetype.

What is POM dependency?

POM is an acronym for Project Object Model. The pom. xml file contains information of project and configuration information for the maven to build the project such as dependencies, build directory, source directory, test source directory, plugin, goals etc.

What is TestNG and Maven?

TestNG is a testing framework. It structures, groups, and launches tests. It also generates testing reports. Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. It manages all dependencies and different flows for building a project.

What is POM in Selenium C#?

Page Object Model, also known as POM, is a design pattern in Selenium which has gained more popularity in the market for test automation development for the maintenance of code, such as reusability, extensibility, and avoiding code duplication etc.

What is TestNG?

Definition: TestNG (Test Next Generation) is the testing framework. TestNG is inspired from JUnit and NUnit, but it has a new functionality that makes this framework more powerful and easier. TestNG is designed in such a way that it covers all the categories of tests comprising unit, functional and integration.

Which locator is faster in selenium?

IDs are the safest, fastest locator option and should always be your first choice. ID’s are supposed to be unique to each element. ID locator is faster because at its roots, it calls document.

How do you introduce a project?

  1. Be short and crisp: …
  2. Be clear in what you write: …
  3. Give background information: …
  4. Explain the reasons in the introduction: …
  5. The problems should be highlighted: …
  6. Explain why it is important to you: …
  7. The outline or the blueprint of the content:
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What is bug life cycle?

Bug life cycle also known as defect life cycle is a process in which defect goes through different stages in its entire life. This lifecycle starts as soon as a bug is reported by the tester and ends when a tester ensures that the issue is fixed and won’t occur again.

What are different types of testing?

  • Accessibility testing.
  • Acceptance testing.
  • Black box testing.
  • End to end testing.
  • Functional testing.
  • Interactive testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Load testing.
What is API testing tool?

API TESTING is a software testing type that validates Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The purpose of API Testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces. … It mainly concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture.

What is a locator in Selenium?

Locator is a command that tells Selenium IDE which GUI elements ( say Text Box, Buttons, Check Boxes etc) its needs to operate on. Identification of correct GUI elements is a prerequisite to creating an automation script. But accurate identification of GUI elements is more difficult than it sounds.

What are 4 parameters in Selenium?

  • Browser Name.
  • Operating System.
  • Browser Version.
  • Operating System version.
What is Selenium RC?

Selenium RC is a key part in Selenium. It is a framework for testing that allows testers and developers to design test scripts in multiple languages to automate frontend UI test cases. It has a client library and a server that starts and quits the browser sessions by default.

What is Maven repository?

A repository in Maven holds build artifacts and dependencies of varying types. There are exactly two types of repositories: local and remote: the local repository is a directory on the computer where Maven runs. It caches remote downloads and contains temporary build artifacts that you have not yet released.

Why Maven is used in selenium?

Maven provides information present in pom. It provides Unit test reports, list of mailing lists, dependency lists, cross-referenced sources,etc. It will manage your Selenium test project’s build compilation, documentation and other related project tasks itself.

Where is POM XML located?

The POM file is named pom. xml and should be located in the root directory of your project. A project divided into subprojects will typically have one POM file for the parent project, and one POM file for each subproject.

What is Ant Maven?

Ant. 1. Basic. Maven is a build automation framework based on the concept of a project object model(pom) Ant is a Java library and command line tool whose can be used to compile your code, fetching dependencies and for packaging.

What is Maven in simple words?

Maven is a powerful project management tool that is based on POM (project object model). It is used for projects build, dependency and documentation. It simplifies the build process like ANT. … In short terms we can tell maven is a tool that can be used for building and managing any Java-based project.

What is the difference between Maven and Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration software tool. It was written for testing and reporting. A Maven is a build tool which helps in build and version control.

What is Staleelementexception why we get this exception?

Usually StaleElementReferenceException when element we try to access has appeared but other elements may affect the position of element we are intrested in hence when we try to click or getText or try to do some action on WebElement we get exception which usually says element not attached with DOM.

What is drag and drop in selenium?

What is Drag and Drop in Selenium? This action is performed using a mouse when a user moves (drags) a web element from one location and then places (drops) it at another point. This is a common action used in Windows Explorer when moving a file from one folder to another.

What is the difference between StaleElementReferenceException and NoSuchElementException?

1) NoSuchElementException : FindBy method can’t find the element. 2) StaleElementReferenceException : This tells that element is no longer appearing on the DOM page. 3) TimeoutException: This tells that the execution is failed because the command did not complete in enough time.

What are limitations of using PageFactory?

It restricts the usage where you need to use By type. When an web element is found then it is stored in a variable of type WebElement. Because of limitations of PageFactory , every web elements need to have type as WebElemen or List