The cylinder, or lock body, is the part of the door lock where you insert the key. When it’s locked, the cylinder engages a series of spring-loaded pins which keep the cylinder from turning.
What is the part of the ear that is visible? parts of the ear and their functions.

What are parts of a door called?

The body of any door is essentially made of three main parts: the stiles, rails and panels but there are many more elements. To help explain the most common terminology, here we have put together an illustration of a standard door and door frame, with the component parts highlighted.

What is a door latch?

Door latches are a type of mechanical hardware used to fasten doors and keep them shut. A door latch uses a fastener attached to two ordinarily separated surfaces, most often the door and the frame, to prevent the door from swinging while still allowing normal operation when the latch is released.

What is a door strike plate?

Strike Plate This is the plate the latch-tongue, or deadbolt-tongue will connect with. It should sit flush with the door jamb. Any passage or privacy set needs to have a strike plate for the door to latch. Additionally, deadbolts need a strike plate to properly lock.

What is a door sash?

A sash is a moveable piece of glass that is used in a window or door. Several sashes are typically joined together to make a frame of glass panels. … Sash windows often rattle in windy weather, and they may suffer from rot or distortion. A sash can also be used in cabinetry to create unique cabinet doors.

What is a lock rail on a door?

Definition of lock rail : a horizontal stiffening member of a paneled door in or to which the lock is fixed.

What are the parts of a door frame?

  • Door frame. The door frame is the entire framework supporting the door, including the sill, jamb and head. …
  • Sill. The door sill is the very bottom part of the door frame that rests on the floor.
  • Jamb/door jam. …
  • Head. …
  • Panel. …
  • Astragal. …
  • Fixed panel. …
  • Door sweep.
What is a door latch guard?

Door latch guards prevent unauthorized access to the latch bolt on a lock set, which helps deter break-ins and avoid repairs. They are commonly used with mortise and cylindrical lock sets and can be installed in both left- and right-facing applications.

What is a passage latch?

Passage door knobs are similar to dummy door knobs. They don’t lock but are used to open doors and go between rooms. Passage door knobs are ideal for interior hallways, closets and other rooms that don’t need privacy locks. They’re also called unkeyed knobs.

What is a Jimmy plate?

The Jimmy Plate is designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY. Many commercial doors have hollow steel frames. … with the door in a closed position the frame and door will be interconnected thus helping to prevent the frame from being crushed and pulled away from the extended deadbolt.

What is a box strike?

A box strike gives the lock a far stronger hold on the door, and the 2-inch screws anchor it to the door frame.

What is a mullion door?

A mullion is a part of a frame that divides or separates the frame into different sections. … On a detailed hollow metal frame, for example, a mullion will separate pieces of glass, panels, or will separate a door and the glass or panels. On a pair of doors a mullion can separate the two doors from each other.

What is door hinge?

Hinges are the hardware used to attach a door to its frame, and are the pivot point for opening and closing the door. Whether you are replacing an old door or hanging a new one, hinges are an important part of the structure.

What are the parts of a door hinge?

Most hinges consist of three basic parts: leafs, a knuckle and a pin. Leafs are the rectangular-shaped plates on the sides of a hinge. A knuckle is a cyldrical-shaped tube that’s created when the leafs are joined together. A pin is a solid metal rod that’s inserted through the knuckle to interlock the leafs.

What is stile and rail on a door?

Stile and rail doors are constructed from horizontal rails and vertical stiles, with panels secured in between. Together, they give the illusion of a single carved piece of wood. Unlike a flat panel or flush wood door, making a stile and rail door requires more precise and complex construction techniques.

What is a door frame called?

A door jamb is an individual section of a door frame. Two side jambs make up the vertical components of the door frame and the head jamb is the top horizontal component. Together, the jambs (along with mullion) comprise the door frame.

Which is stile and which is rail?

This is the horizontal rail that is the top frame of the door and connects the stiles on each side and panel/s below. These are rails built in between the top and bottom rails, including the lock rail.

What is the jamb side of a door?

The door jambs are the vertical components of the door frame on either side of the door. You may also hear them described as the hinge jamb (for the side with door hinges) and the strike jamb (the side that contains the strike plate and works with the locking mechanism).

What is door shutter?

Among them, the door shutters are a movable barrier consisting of a panelled assembly or otherwise which fits into the frame. It is the openable part of the door. They are an assembly of styles, panel and rail. It is used to open or close the way to go inside or outside of a house or rooms.

What is trim around doors called?

Casing: Trim used around door and window openings. Exterior casing trims the exterior of windows and doors.

What is a door guard?

1. door guard – someone who guards an entrance. doorman, hall porter, ostiary, porter, gatekeeper, doorkeeper. commissionaire – a uniformed doorman. guard – a person who keeps watch over something or someone.

What is guard bolt?

When operating and installed correctly the guard bolt prevents the latch from moving or being depressed to unlock the door.

What are the pieces of a door knob called?

The main parts of a door lock are the cylinder, bolt, box and strike plate. It’s useful for any DIY-er to know how things around the home operate. Understanding the different parts that work together to make a door handle and lock work, can help you fix minor problems on your own.

What is the difference between a passage lock and a privacy lock?

PASSAGE SETS are used where doors do not need to lock. There is no key cylinder and no means to lock a passage set. PRIVACY SETS are often used for single-occupant restrooms or dressing rooms. … Some privacy functions may also incorporate an indicator to show the locked/unlocked status of the door.

What is a privacy lock?

A privacy lock is a lock that is designed to allow someone to quickly lock a room from the inside for privacy. Such locks are most commonly seen on bedrooms and bathrooms, where people might not necessarily be concerned about security, but would have reasons to lock the door to keep people out.

How do you stop someone from carding your door?

  1. Replace the trim around your door frame. …
  2. Install a door latch guard on the door if it swings outward. …
  3. Install a dead bolt that can be opened only with a key.
What is the metal plate at the bottom of a door called?

Door kick plates are a sheet of material attached to the bottom of your door to protect it from damage. They get their name from when people kick the door open when they have their hands full. … Bolstering your door with some extra protection makes sure you’re protecting your investment.

What is a reinforcer plate?

Reinforcers or door wrap around plates are three-sided metal plates that encase and strengthen the door around the latch, which is a door’s most vulnerable area. … recess into the door edge so the reinforcer fits flush.

Is a door strike necessary?

The answer depends upon which type of keyless device you’re going to install. The majority of mechanical and electronic keyless locks available do not require any kind of special door strike, but there is a certain type of strike plate known as an “electric strike” that is unique in its function and application.

How do I burglar proof my front door?

  1. Install Security Locks. Owning security door locks is crucial. …
  2. Protect Your Locks with Extra Hardware. …
  3. Secure Your Sliding Doors with Key Locks. …
  4. Get Stronger Doors. …
  5. Make Sure Your Hinges Aren’t Exposed. …
  6. Lock Your Doors All The Time.
Do door knobs come with strike plates?

Yes, it comes with strike plate and screws.

What is a Muntin vs mullion?

Fundamentally, muntins are the vertical shafts of wood separating panes of glass in a traditional multi-pane glass composition. Mullions, on the other hand, are the single vertical props used in two-pane assemblies.

What does a mullion look like?

The Mullion Well, it’s called a mullion. In window design, a mullion is a vertical divider that breaks apart the opening. Sometimes, thin horizontal dividers within the window are also called by this name. Regardless, any window with these features is said to be ”mullioned”.

What is window grids?

Grids are decorative fixed inserts for windows and doors that add a traditional and personal touch. Grids can either reside between the glass in our double-pane and triple-pane windows or on the outside of the glass for a more historic look.

What is a pivot door hinge?

A pivot hinge allows a door to pivot from a single point at the top and bottom of the door. Pivot hinges are attached to the top and bottom of a door, and to the head of the frame and the floor and allow a door to swing in either direction.

What is a standard door hinge called?

The most common type of hinge used on doors is the butt hinge. It’s so named because the two leaves are mortised into the door and frame, allowing the two to butt up to each other. There are three different types of butt hinges: plain, ball bearing, and spring-loaded.

What is hinge offset?

The design of offset hinges moves the hinge pin farther away from the doorjamb. When the door is opened to 90 degrees, it is set back at least two inches from the doorway, making the opening larger. In many cases, this simple remedy eliminates the need to enlarge a door opening and invest in a new door frame.

What is a door assembly?

Door assembly means a unit composed of a group of parts or components which make up a closure for a passageway through a wall.

What are overlay hinges?

Overlay cabinet hinges mean that they allow the cabinet door to “lay over” the frame of the cabinet. If your current doors are larger than the frames — eg. they don’t settle into the frame when closed — then you likely have overlay hinges already (hidden or semi concealed).