Walton’s letters to his sister form a frame around the main narrative, Victor Frankenstein’s tragic story. Walton captains a North Pole–bound ship that gets trapped between sheets of ice. Walton functions as the conduit through which the reader hears the story of Victor and his monster. …
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What is Robert Walton's great purpose?

Walton’s purpose in venturing to the North Pole is twofold: to discover a northern passage to the countries on the other side of the world; and to determine the origin of the North Pole’s magnetism. Walton says he once hoped to become a famous poet, but failed.

What is Robert Walton's profession?

Robert Walton is a major character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He is a seafarer who is a friend and caregiver to Victor Frankenstein.

How did Robert feel about his guest?

How did Robert feel about his guest? He liked Frankenstein, and hoped they would become friends.

What kind of person is Robert Walton in Frankenstein?

Robert Walton is a polar explorer who meets Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic. It is to Walton that Victor tells his story and he, in turn, writes the narrative down in a series of letters to his sister, Margaret Saville, back in England.

Why is Walton lonely in Frankenstein?

What makes him feel lonely is that he feels nothing in common with these men due to their different social class and lack of education. Walton fantasizes about finding a friend who would share his interests and point of view, and with whom he would be able to feel at ease.

What lesson does Walton learn from Frankenstein?

Expert Answers When Walton meets VictorFrankenstein , Walton has ambitious desires as an explorer. When Victor hears of this, he reacts vehemently. He tells Walton that he should, instead of being ambitious, pursue the everyday joys of a simple life.

Why is Walton writing to his sister?

Who is writing the letters and why? Robert Walton is writing from St. Petersburg to his sister, Margaret Saville in England to assure her that he is safe.

Who was Victor's close boyhood friend?

Henry Clerval Victor’s boyhood friend, who nurses Victor back to health in Ingolstadt. After working unhappily for his father, Henry begins to follow in Victor’s footsteps as a scientist.

What does Walton think of his crew?

On his voyage, he has, as he says “no friend,” no one to be a companion and share in his pursuit. He feels the men of his crew are not scientific in their pursuits and he has no one who really understands him.

Where did Victor see the creature?

Where did Victor see the creature again, several months after creating him? In the mountains.

How does Walton explain how he will handle danger?

He says he will remain confident even though danger lies ahead, keeping a “cool, persevering, and prudent” attitude.

Why does Walton turn the ship around?

Why does Walton turn the ship around? Walton turns his ship around because he feels responsible for his crew.

Why does Walton want a friend?

Walton longs for a friend to share his excitement over the voyage to the North Pole. He is separated from his sister, whom he may never see again, and he has no one to buoy his courage or steady his heady excitement.

How is Walton lonely?

Walton is lonely and ends up thinking only of himself by taking an entire crew on a suicide mission, but it is the combination of his loneliness and his desire for discovery that came from being self- educated that have lead him to this point of selfishness and danger.

Is loneliness a theme in Frankenstein?

“Frankenstein so beautifully explores the consequences of living and working in isolation. After cloistering himself to bring dead flesh to life, Victor Frankenstein condemns his creature to loneliness. The creature does the same to him in revenge. … Loneliness and alienation is one of the main themes of the novel.