Bronx Masquerade takes place in—where else—the Bronx. And yes, we’re talking about the borough in New York City. … When it comes to the day-to-day lives of these students, they’re pretty much the same as lots of average high school kids.
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What is the plot of Bronx Masquerade?

When a high school teacher in the Bronx begins to host open-mike poetry in his classroom on Fridays, his students find a forum to express their identity issues and forge unexpected connections with one another.

What is the climax of the Bronx Masquerade?

The climax of the book is when everyone notices that they are not that different after all and come together and have open mic on Friday every Friday.

What is the conflict in Bronx Masquerade?

Ward’s English class of mixed-race high school students. They have Open Mike Fridays, in which they read their poetry. The poems help break down racial and cultural barriers, which serve as the novel’s main conflict, showing the students that they are not that different, especially in regards to their hopes and dreams.

Is Bronx Masquerade based on a true story?

The characters in Bronx Masquerade are my peeps! So, while these characters are all fictional, they come from someplace real. (There is one real person in the book, though: Mr. … That character is based on a teacher and poet I am honored to call my friend.)

What happens at the end of Bronx Masquerade?

Basically, this ending is all about hope for the future. Open Mike Fridays have been a success and Mr. Ward isn’t going to stop them. Instead he’s going to keep this love and tolerance train going for another year, helping another class of students connect with themselves and each other.

What does the title Bronx Masquerade mean?

The title of this novel—Bronx Masquerade—comes from one of Devon’s poems. … It’s tough to keep hiding in the shadows when there are poems to read and write, though, and by the end of the book they’re all well on their way to ditching their masks for good.

What makes Tyrone the main character in Bronx Masquerade?

His dream of being a rapper/songwriter meshes pretty well with his pursuit of poetry greatness, and he really enjoys being in the spotlight. For these reasons, he’s a natural central narrator. Tyrone thinks school is pretty much a waste.

Who is diondra in Bronx Masquerade?

Diondra Jordan is Raul’s artistic counterpart, determined to outshine the stereotype that being Black and six feet tall has destined her to be a basketball player for the WNBA. She expresses, ”Yeah, it’s definitely time to try a self-portrait.

What does Chankara mean when she says about Johnny?

She realized that she was now in the position her sister had been in for awhile. what does Chankara mean when she says that Johnny “was studying on staying?” He was looking for a way to stay, even though Chankara didn’t want him there.

What are open mikes in Bronx Masquerade?

Ward’s class has been written up in the newspaper and read poems during an assembly in front of the whole school. Open Mike Fridays are so successful that Mr. Ward decides to do them in every class next year. Oh, and to add a poetry slam competition.

Why was Amy Moscowitz having trouble making friends?

Ward takes her backpack for her. She tells Sterling that she is jealous, but he says jealousy is a waste of anger. She cannot make friends because she does not trust anyone after the divorce.

Is Bronx Masquerade a movie?

Yup, I’m back with a new Film Adaptation Friday (a series started by Jamieson @ Jamishelves), this time for two books that are fairly unknown in the online book community.

What grade are the kids in Bronx Masquerade?

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 3 – 5 Z+
What artist does Raul want in the Bronx Masquerade?

Wanted-He wants to be a painter/poet. But-He does not have the money to buy the supplies. His Abuelita (Grandma in Spanish), says that the job does not have a lot of pay. So-Mr.

How many characters are in Bronx Masquerade?

Bronx Masquerade is a novel with nineteen (yes, you read that number right) different narrators….