EditPlus is an Internet-ready 32-bit text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers. Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript.
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What is the latest version of EditPlus?

  • 3.5.
  • (224 )
How do I replace in EditPlus?

  1. Find What. Enter text that you want to search for. …
  2. Replace With. Enter text that you want to replace the found text with. …
  3. Find. Find specified text with current options.
  4. Replace. Replace found text with specified text. …
  5. Replace All. …
  6. List. …
  7. Case sensitive. …
  8. Upward search.
How do I enable autocomplete in EditPlus?

In order to use auto completion feature for other file types, you should write auto completion file and specify its path in the Settings & Syntax page of the Preferences dialog box. Auto completion file is a plain text file which has “.

How do you zoom in on EditPlus?

Zoom with Ctrl+Wheel command (View menu)

How do you run codes on EditPlus?

You can run the Java program in EditPlus by choosing the Tools tab -> Run or you can also press Ctrl + 2 to run the Java program on EditPlus. That’s It!

How do I change the background color in EditPlus?

How do I download and install EditPlus?

How do I delete blank rows in EditPlus?

CTRL+A, Select the TextFX menu -> TextFX Edit -> Delete Blank Lines as suggested above works.

How do I add STX files to EditPlus?

  1. Copy the syntax file into EditPlus.
  2. Save it in the EditPlus program folder (e.g. C:Program FilesEditPlus 2) with a .stx file extension.
  3. Under Tools > Preferences > Files > Settings & Syntax, click “Add” on the right.
  4. Enter a “Description” for the syntax file type.
How do I sort data in EditPlus?

  1. Order. Choose the sort order. …
  2. Starting column # Enter a column number from which the sorting operation begins. …
  3. Case sensitive. Check this option for the case-sensitive comparison.
  4. Remove duplicates. Check this option to remove any duplicated line after the sorting.
  5. Locale sensitive. …
  6. Numeric sort.
How do I highlight text in EditPlus?

Go to Menu section: Select view > Select the Word Highlighting Option.

How do I download EditPlus on Ubuntu?

  1. Download the EditPlus icon to your desktop (also see Icons)
  2. Right click on the Desktop and select “Create Launcher…”
  3. Set the name to: EditPlus.
  4. Set the command to: wine “C:Program FilesEditPlus 2editplus.exe”
  5. Click the “No Icon” button and select the EditPlus icon you downloaded.