GrubEx works as a preventative by preventing eggs from maturing and hatching, so you want to apply it late in the spring and be sure it is present in the soil through mid-summer. One application can last for about four months.
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What month do I apply GrubEx?

Because GrubEx targets the larval stage of many insects, the best time to apply it is when the beetles burrow into lawns to lay their eggs — in spring to early summer. When the eggs hatch, GrubEx kills the emerging larvae so they cannot develop into mature insects.

When should I treat my lawn with GrubEx?

The best time to apply GrubEx is early spring through mid-summer when grub activity in lawns in heightened. Fall might not be a very good time to put down grub control.

Is it too late for GrubEx?

The best time to apply GrubEx is late spring to early summer. … You may see some reduced control with an application in late summer, however reducing your grub population this fall and next spring would be better than doing nothing. It is best not to apply to waterlogged soils.

Can I apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time?

According to the Scotts website, only straight fertilizer, with no other ingredients such as pre-emergent herbicides or other pesticides, may be applied at the same time as GrubEx. … Fertilizers mixed with other products such as crabgrass control may be applied two weeks before or two weeks after using GrubEx.

Should I apply GrubEx before rain?

A very important tip is to water the grub control in within a few days. You can wait for a good rain heading your way, and apply the grub control before the rain. … The chemical in some grub controls will break down in hot, dry weather. So if you leave the chemical on your lawn and not watered in, it won’t be effective.

Will GrubEx burn grass?

original GrubEx. Easily apply with a Scotts broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz spreader and stop grubs before they damage your lawn. One application kills and protects for 4 months. … Grubs and other listed insects can cause extensive damage to lawns by feeding on grass and its roots.

When should I apply lime to my lawn?

Fall and spring are generally the best times to lime lawns. Fall has an added advantage, as rain, snow and cycles of freezing and thawing help lime break down and begin to work.

What are signs of grubs in lawn?

  • Grass with damaged roots will begin to thin, yellow, and die.
  • Irregular patches of brown grass will appear in random places in your lawn.
  • Grass will feel very spongy and will pull up very easily. …
  • Grass will be very vulnerable to drought and other stressors.

Are grubs bad for your lawn?

Grubs, which are the larval, or immature, stage of several species of beetles and chafers, can damage a lawn by feeding on the roots of your grass. … A grub infestation will cause patches of thinning turf, and these patches will gradually increase in size.

Can you plant grass seed with GrubEx?

Can I put grub-killer and grass seed down at the same time? If not, which one should I do first? A: There’s nothing in grub-killers or grub-preventers that’ll hinder grass seed. So yes, you can do both at the same time.

How long does Scotts GrubEx take to work?

It will take 10-14 days for the grubs to begin dying after the insecticide is applied.

What is the best grub control product?

  • BEST OVERALL: BioAdvanced Granules 700745S 24 Hour Grub Killer.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Scotts GrubEX1 Grub Killer for Lawns.
  • BEST READY-TO-SPRAY: BIOADVANCED 700280B Complete Insect Killer.
  • BEST FAST-ACTING: Ortho BugClear Lawn Insect Killer.
Will my lawn grow back after grubs?

If you have areas of dead turf, you’ll need to re-seed them. Some areas will need to be scraped clean, soil added, and seeded. However, some areas may just warrant slice-seeding to repair them. Either way, they aren’t coming back on their own.

Do grubs eat crabgrass?

Grubs soon will emerge from their winter siesta to resume feeding on lawn roots, while last year’s bountiful crop of crabgrass seeds is about to sprout and create a potentially uglier sequel to last year’s weedfest. … In this larval stage, they can kill off whole patches of lawn by eating the roots out from under it.

How often should you apply grub control?

Grub control measures need to be taken on annual basis to work consistently. Skipping a year may be fine, but if any beetles have laid their eggs in your lawn’s soil over the course of that last year, you can be looking at a seriously damaged lawn by mid-fall.

Can you apply insecticide to wet grass?

Can you spray pesticides in the rain? The answer is not cut and dry. Sure, the inside can be sprayed, that’s a given. However, spraying the yard and the perimeter of your home in the rain can be ineffective.

Should I fertilize or GrubEx first?

After applying GrubEx to your lawn, you do not have to wait to apply a straight fertilizer. However, you must wait at least one week to apply a combination weed-and-feed control product after applying GrubEx, and two weeks is preferred.

Can I apply GrubEx and disease ex at the same time?

Yes, apply the Grub and Insect Control last and water in immediately.

Can GrubEx be used in flower beds?

Yes, you can apply GrubEx to the flower bed. It won’t hurt your flowers. Use the same rate as the lawn, and water it in after applying. Grubs can do root damage to plants other than grass and can be found in garden beds.

How much does a 40 lb bag of lime cover?

bag, covers 6,500 sq. ft.)

Does lime help green up lawn?

Adding lime to soil raises the pH so it becomes less acidic. Lime can ‘green-up’ a lawn. … In addition, lime increases bacterial activity, which helps improve soil structure. Many sources suggest liming your lawn before seeding to better prepare the soil for healthy grass growth.

Can you put too much lime on your lawn?

Using too much lime on your lawn will remove the acidity from the soil, but it will also make it too alkaline for your grass to thrive. This will cause yellowing grass that is also not able to absorb vital moisture and nutrients from the soil around it.

Where do yard grubs come from?

Grubs 101: Grubs feed on the roots of grass and are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, European chafers, or other beetles. Adult female beetles lay their eggs in grass in mid-to-late summer and the larvae do the most damage in late summer to early fall. They burrow deeper and become dormant over winter.

What animals eat grub worms?

Grub damage to lawn is also caused by birds, skunks, armadillos, raccoons or moles are tearing up your lawn —they eat Grubs and are trying to uncover them. These animals also dig and eat Earthworms, so confirm Grubs are present before pursuing any treatment.

Do grubs live in mulch?

Grubs feed on the decaying plant and organic matter in your compost or mulch and hasten the process of decomposition. While this is beneficial when it is occurring in your compost heap, it might be less than desirable in your garden.

What animal eats grubs at night?

Raccoons and skunks are two common grub-eating nocturnal culprits for digging in yards. Skunks tend to make shallow holes with loosened soil, while raccoons can actually use their front paws to pull up chunks of sod and flip them over to find whatever delicious food might lie beneath.

Will lime get rid of grubs?

With a biologically based treatment, you can lime your lawn and treat grubs without burning the grass. … The grubs and beetles eat the spores, which multiply within them and cause death. Once the pest has died, the spores spread into the soil and wait for a new host.

What attracts grubs to your lawn?

Grubs are attracted to healthy, thick grass. Healthy grass means a healthy root system, which is what the grubs feed on as soon as they hatch. The higher the concentration of larvae, the more severe your lawn damage will be.

Is GrubEx a killer or preventer?

GrubEx works as a preventative by preventing eggs from maturing and hatching, so you want to apply it late in the spring and be sure it is present in the soil through mid-summer. One application can last for about four months.

Which is better GrubEx or Bayer?

Both are excellent products and very effective at killing a wide range of common grubs that may be living on your soil. Scotts GrubEx is a contact and prevention insecticide, while the Bayer Grub Killer Plus eliminates Grubs on contact within 24 hours. And they are sold in ready-to-use granular bags.