Headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania, DreamLine is a market leading, technology-driven designer, manufacturer, and marketer of premium shower products including frameless glass shower doors, shower enclosures, tub doors, and acrylic shower bases.
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Who owns DreamLine showers?

The company, led by CEO Chris Yankowich, is based north of Philadelphia in Warminster, PA (www.DreamLine.com). “ASD has built an outstanding reputation in product quality and service to its customer base,” said Mr. Yankowich.

Where are Arizona Shower Doors made?

The SE semi-frameless sliding shower door is made to order and manufactured in the USA. Our SE has 3/16-in thick tempered clear glass and offers a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom.

Where are Basco shower doors made?

Where are Basco shower doors made? Since 1955, Basco has been fabricating the highest quality shower enclosures at various manufacturing plants in the Greater Cincinnati area. In 1992, Basco moved to its current production facility in a northern suburb of Mason, Ohio which serves as our headquarters for all operations.

Where are Symphony shower doors made?

Symphony Showers – Symphony Showers are manufactured by Nouera, right here in New Zealand.

Who owns Arizona Shower Doors?

Fred Knadler – Owner – Arizona Shower Door | LinkedIn.

What are semi frameless shower doors?

Semi-Frameless Shower: This shower enclosure features a mix of framed glass and frameless glass. The glass used in this type of shower is a bit thicker than in a framed shower, and usually the door of the enclosure is frameless.

How do you clean Arizona Shower Doors?

Combine one part distilled vinegar and three parts water in a bowl and microwave for 60 seconds. Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply to your shower doors. Wait for five minutes and then wipe down the shower doors with a cloth. You’ll see the soap scum come right off.

Who owns Basco?

Our parent company was founded by the Cronin family of Portland, Oregon. We are proud to be a fifth-generation locally-owned and family-operated business since 1878.

How do I find my shower door manufacturer?

The model number and serial number are printed on a white or clear label that is adhered to the product itself, to a pamphlet that is packed with the product, or on a label on the product box. The model number includes one or more dashes followed by letters that indicate the door style and color code.

Can I put a frameless shower door on a fiberglass shower?

Semi-frameless showers can be installed on fiberglass, unlike heavier frameless showers which need to be installed on tile or marble. … While no shower is completely watertight, semi-frameless enclosures often offer a more watertight solution than frameless enclosures.

Do semi frameless shower doors leak?

Frameless shower doors do not “leak”. Although there are very small gaps in the hinges and on the sides of the door, it is highly unlikely water will pass though these gaps unless water pressure is directly pointed at these seams. This is not recommended nor covered under warranty.

How thick should a frameless shower door be?

There are typically two thickness options for frameless shower door glass: 3/8″ and 1/2″. 3/8″ glass is the minimum thickness that will provide the necessary stability and soundness of the glass door.

Are semi frameless shower doors good?

Simply put semi-frameless shower doors are the best of both worlds including elements from both frameless and framed glass edges. … A semi-frameless door is also a more modern and upscale look compared to a framed door. And in some situations, this is the perfect compromise between frameless and framed.

What removes hard water stains from glass shower doors?

The best way to remove hard water stains from your shower doors is to do so using regular household items such as white vinegar and baking soda.

How do you remove water spots from glass shower doors?

Water and vinegar. Just mix a solution that’s half water and half white vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Then spray the solution on your shower door and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it clean and your hard water stains are gone.

What is the meaning of Basco?

noun. beret [noun] a round flat cap made of soft cloth, as worn by soldiers.

Who is Basco?

The town has a domestic airport, Basco Airport, serving flights from Manila and Baguio. … The town is named after Capitán General José Basco, who led the pacification and conquest of the islands during his term as Governor-General. The Basco Lighthouse is one of the landmarks.

What is the bottom part of a shower called?

The shower pan acts as the floor of the shower. It channels water into the drain and is properly sealed so no water leaks underneath the structure.

What is a shower enclosure?

The shower enclosure is a separation between the wet and dry areas. Shower enclosure surrounds the shower area and is installed with railings or curtain rods fixed with the ceilings or walls.

How much weight can a fiberglass shower pan hold?

The base is designed to hold up to 300 LBS. But with the bed of mortar underneath it will hold even more.

Do shower doors need studs?

Glass shower doors and walls that make up enclosures tend to be very heavy. As such, they need to be supported by fasteners that go into wall studs and not only into drywall. If they are not supported by a stud, then a glass shower enclosure could pull out of the drywall and ruin the entire installation.

What metal are shower enclosures made of?

Since then, stainless steel has been one of the leading materials of the modern age. From state-of-the-art buildings to home and outstanding restaurant kitchens, from medical facilities to oil rigs and shipyards. Calibe has chosen it as sole material for its shower enclosures.

Do you GIB stop behind a shower liner?

Do not Gib stop, seal, sand or paint the Gib Board surface as this will affect adhesion of the wall liner to the Gib Board. The hole cutout in the floor for the waste must be backfilled to ensure the tray is fully supported. … For tim- ber floors either add additional nogs or use a leveling compound.

Do you need to waterproof under a shower base?

DON’T ignore the importance of waterproofing when installing an acrylic shower base. The walls and the area around the top of the acrylic base along the wall are very important for proper waterproofing and it is essential that it be done correctly. … In a bathroom, proper waterproofing is non-negotiable.

Do I need a plumber to install a shower?

If you’re installing a new electric shower from scratch, you’ll need to get it installed by a Part P-certified plumber or electrician, who’ll be able to install, upgrade or check the wiring to ensure that the shower works safely.

What is the difference between frameless and semi frameless shower?

While frameless showers offer the cleanest look and framed doors are usually the least expensive, semi-frameless shower enclosures are an intermediate option for your bathroom if the other two aren’t exactly right for you.

How long does it take to install a frameless shower door?

A typical three-panel frameless shower door installation takes just 2 to 4 hours. A single frameless shower door can be installed in an hour and a half.

Are frameless showers water tight?

While frameless shower doors look amazing, they are water-resistant, not waterproof. You should have no problems around fixed panels of glass as they are sealed with a high-quality, mildew-resistant silicone, but around the door (and transom if you have one) they can leak with a direct spray of water.

What is the difference between a hinged shower door and a pivot shower door?

Pivot Shower Door Similar to a hinged shower door, pivot shower doors operate on a hinge system. The big difference is that pivot shower doors can fully open in either direction. Hinges on a pivot shower door can be mounted on one side of the panel just like hinged doors.

Is 6mm glass OK for shower enclosure?

For shower cubicles, 6mm optimum glass thickness is recommended. Creating a solid feel, 6mm offers the necessary safety along with a high-quality look. As these doors work on rollers, this thickness is just right for a smooth to-and-fro movement.

How wide should shower doors be?

Your single glass shower door will normally be between 22” wide and 36” wide. 36” is the maximum width your door can be due to the amount of weight your wall and hinges can bear. Local codes will also typically tell you what the minimum width allowance is, but this can vary.