Treasure Hoarders usually work in groups, they will be in at least 3 and they are easy to find in Liyue. Sometimes even in your daily commission, you will be needing to defeat them. The daily commission quest will also drop the ascension materials.
Where do I find vicar Amelia? how to get to vicar amelia without key.

Where do treasure hoarders spawn in Genshin impact?

Where Do Treasure Hoarders Spawn? Treasure Hoarders, like their name implies, are enemies who are in search of valuable treasure to make a profit on. They can usually be found walking around ruins and are especially plentiful in Liyue, where there are tons of old buildings and mining towns just sitting around.

Where can you find treasure hoarder?

  • North of Springvale in Mondstadt.
  • South of Mt. Tianheng.
  • Area between Mt. Tianheng and Lingju Pass.
  • East of Luhua Pool.
  • Ruins in Guili Plains.
Where can I buy Treasure Hoarder Insignia?

  • East of Luhua Pool.
  • Between Mt. Tianheng and Lingju Pass.
  • South of Mt. Tianheng.
  • North of Springvale in Monstadt during the Raptor questline.
Do Treasure Hoarders Respawn?

You can farm these about every two days; they do not respawn as quickly as monsters. The image below is where you can find Treasure Hoarder Insignia in Liyue. The Golden Insignias are where the Hoaders spawn. Just click on them to enlarge them.

How long does it take for Treasure Hoarders to Respawn?

Likely Respawns In 11 Hours.

Is Bao Er a Treasure Hoarder?

Profile. Bao’er claims to be an archaeologist but is actually a Treasure Hoarder. She is a cunning and greedy treasure hoarder who is skilled in subterfuge.

Where is Kaeya's treasure?

You’ll have to climb to the left of the waterfalls to find an elemental mechanism to reveal the treasure. Once you find the treasure, you’ll be given a map that willl lead you to the beaches of Falcon Coast. This is where the Ruins will be.

What are Treasure Hoarders?

Treasure Hoarders are a type of monsters found in Genshin Impact. These are first visible in Story quests given by Amber. Treasure Hoarders always travel in groups of 3. There are two ranged attack enemies, the scout, and the marksman.

Can you buy silver Raven insignia?

To obtain a Silver Raven Insignia, you need to find and kill Treasure Hoarders at Level 40+. Anything above Lvl 40+ also has a chance to drop Treasure Hoarder Insignia. You can get these from any Treasure Hoarder you kill, no matter how they look or what they use to attack you.

Where do you craft the silver Raven insignia?

Silver Raven Insignia is obtainable from defeating level 40+ Treasure Hoarder enemies. It can also be crafted in the Alchemy table using 3 pieces of Treasure Hoarder Insignia and 50 Mora.

How do you beat Treasure Hoarders in Genshin impact?

Treasure Hoarders: All You Need To Know To Beat Them As the Gravediggers are tanks able to take a couple of hits, the Crushers can deal out massive damages while the Potioneers channel so overpowered Elemental reactions. To defeat the hoarders we suggest you keep the following team: Ganyu. Yanfei.

Who is the leader of the Treasure Hoarders?

Freckle Huang: The leader of the Treasure Hoarders in Liyue.

What did Bao Er lost?

Bao’er claims to have lost a precious relic and is now frantically searching high and low for it.

Is Beidou a treasure hoarder?

According to Jilliana, the Treasure Hoarders tend to burn the money that they acquire very quickly, resulting in a vicious cycle of wealth and poverty that most members cannot escape from. The Liyue group of Treasure Hoarders fear Beidou and try to placate her needs to avoid incurring her wrath.

What does Bao Er want in Genshin?

Near Stone Gate, you’ll find an NPC named Bao’er who managed to find the invoice before you did. In exchange for giving you the invoice, she requests three Noctilucous Jades. Unless you’ve been exploring every nook and cranny in Genshin Impact, it’s likely that you don’t have these.

Was Kaeya's grandpa a pirate?

Kaeya leads them to the courtyard and informs them that his grandfather was a pirate who had a legendary sword from Celestia which he buried to avoid conflict between his fellow pirates.

Is Kaeya black?

Some players are noting the connection between Xinyan’s darker skin and negative stereotypes about Black people being intimidating. Kaeya, meanwhile, also has darker skin and is referred to by in-game text as “exotic,” a loaded term often used to denigrate people based on their perceived foreignness.

How do you find the treasure on a treasure map?